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Paypal? I even have a Paypal for my modding work because people asked me. It’s super easy to set up. Patreon is not for everyone.


To be honest @ampburner a donation site where you could do one time donations would be better in my opinion. I think more people would be inclined to donate that way that’s all and I’m all for this site getting more donations :slightly_smiling_face:.


Patreon supports payments through Paypal.

@KrugerSchmidts: I commented about https in that other thread.


Yeah, but doesn’t it require monthly payments still? Some would like it to be a one-time affair.


Yeah you’re right. The only advantage is that the Paypal integration with Patreon is external, so you don’t have to submit financial details to Patreon if your PP account is already setup.

Justgiving could be a decent alternative for those one time donations but I’m not familiar with that either


While one time donations are really helpful and very much appreciated, operating a website means recurring monthly expenses.

I would rather be assured of having a sustained regular (monthly) income than receive one-time contributions.


I see your point but there is still no assurance as obviously people can stop pledging at anytime. People who want to continue to donate still can through patreon. I’m just saying more people may donate if there is a second option to patreon, I’m not saying scrap patreon simply to add other options. Some people will see monthly donation and be put off instantly. It’s just an idea just trying to suggest ways to get more donations for this awesome forum. That being said you can easily donate once and cancel your pledge after its just people will think what if I forget etc and may not donate. Sorry for droning on :laughing: Just trying to help.


If you are thinking of giving say $10 or $20 as a one time payment why not just leave the cash in your account and set up a monthly $1 of $2. It’s not much but in the end it’s about the same. Sometime between now and 10 months from now you’ll either have to make sure to leave another $10 or $20 in the account or simply cancel your monthly support.

No one here is going to scoff at a donor who only gives a little bit. Amp has already said any amount is welcomed and appreciated and that he wants no one to give more than they can and are willing to part with (=


To keep down the hosting cost, a big win will be to use a CDN, to reduce the load on the primary servers. Typically you’ll add a separate subdomain, e.g. which points to the CDN, which in turn will retrieve files from the server.

CloudFlare ( and AWS CloudFront are both good options.

In addition, giving long cache expiry (a year or so) on the assets, coupled with the asset-fingerprinting (an md5 hash appended to CSS/JS filenames) will reduce requests. I’d guess that ~80% of requests hitting the webserver are for js/images/css.

It’s easy to add:


Thanks, that’s good advice. I was not aware that it would be so easy to do with Discourse. thanks for the how-to

however, bandwidth is currently within the limits of the basic digital ocean plan


Thank you page is up!


Pledged. Thank you for this great website. I’d gladly donate rather than have ads slowly kill the site. You have no idea how much tracking code marketing companies tack on to gather data on your members. It’s insidious.


Thanks so much Herbert!

I’m actually involved in online advertising professionally recently so I’ve seen a fair bit of terrible junk being injected into web pages via iframes and such.

I would much rather run a clean site with (all of) your support!


are 6 generous supporters enough to support this site?


Better not risk it and become the seventh.


I doubt it but I’m sure it goes a long way towards, more donations can’t be a bad thing.


i’d donate but i’m only 17 :frowning:


In a couple years then (=

We will still be here; complaining about everything.


Don’t worry about it, some of us are almost twice that but can’t manage it at the moment.