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Updated the sponsors for this month. Thanks everyone!

You’re the best :slight_smile:


47 has approved. :worried:


:blush: Thank you @diversario


I’m going to have to scale back my pledge for a few months i’m afraid, having to tighten my belt like a responsible adult. Should be in a better position financially in the next few months to donate regularly again :smiley:


Thank you @Hardware !


I’m terribly sorry, but I’m going to have to close my pledge for a while. I just got a car so I’m going to be making payments on it for while. I’ll try to get back to pledging as soon as I can.


Put a photo in the “last purchase thread!”


Sorry for the late reply, but… awesome. what kind of ride did you get?


I know this thread got dredged up for an untelated reason, but now that its here, as a general suggestion for the future- why not reach out to square enix or IO? The costs of keeping this up and running are pretty tiny to a game dev company, and this site desolving would be a huge blow to the community around Hitman, given that the official foums are non existent. It would be in the best interest of square enix and IO to have this forum continue, and they would probably be willing to front the nominal amount of cash needed to keep it running.


I think it’s pretty important the forum remains independent. It’s been a fan forum for years, and the fact it gets regular visits from Hitman devs is a testament to how prominent it has become as part of the community. Not sure a financial stake from SE would really work.

Anyway, I am gonna up my pledge to $10 a month again since I can afford to. Hope that’ll help!


SE would likely only contribute if they could bring it under the umbrella of SE forums and maintain control of it. I like it independent. I will continue to contribute and I urge others to do so.


I got a 01 Impala in pretty good condition. 38000 miles, new tires, kinda new brakes, and a almost new interior. Making monthly payments and loving it for the gas mileage.

I got more hours at work so I might be able to contribute monthly again soon.


there are only three people pledging? ayy i feel i just joined the exclusive members club. :sunglasses: :laughing:


Welcome aboard Comrade


thx m88 <3

shut the hell up discourse nobody cares about 20 characters


Don’t worry, people will constantly remind you of it whenever they think you are getting privileges for paying.


Hey @ampburner. I hate to say it, but I have to close my pledge for now. I’m getting out of the service soon so I’m gonna be looking for a job for the time being.


No worries, Thanks for the support! It’s an honor!
Good luck!


Hi guys,

following my decision to transfer ownership of the forum to @Jarbinger I am closing my patreon creator account which is tied to my personal patron account and my personal bank account. I’ll leave it up to Jar to decide if he wants to start a new one

Many thanks to everyone who supported me!




Thank you for running this forum for as long as you have, I’ve been happy to support you for it. Best of luck to you for the future and best of luck to @Jarbinger.