The "All-New Kills Update/DLC"


So, I was thinking it might be fun to do a wishlist thread on what kind of kills you’d like to see added to existing missions.
I find it unikely we’ll ever see this (a new kill update) happen, but I’d love it if it did.

The rules:

  • Suggest one or more new kills for one or more of the existing missions.
  • The kill should require minimal/realistic change in the mission/map. It’s a kill update, not a map/mission update. No massive re-designs.

The kill idea that sort of sparked the idea for this thread:

Situs Inversus - Lighting Rig Drop on Soders

This would require that the lighting rig suspended over Soders in the operation theatre be changed so that it has a solid piece in the center (or he’d just get a ring dropped around him :slight_smile: ).

The rig I’m thinking of:

I imagine that there’d be four fix points on the roof (currently accessible only as a ninja) that would have to be broken (either by explosion or by crowbar).
This might seem a bit too easy (getting up there as a ninja is no problem at all), but if you’re gonna do this without first acquiring a crowbar you basically need to fill your loadout with explosives, so it seems fair enough.

And another one:

World of Tomorrow - Observatory Face-Shove

Simple. Add the ability to force the viewing part of the telescope through Silviio’s eye socket.

It should already be possible to hide in the box one floor below and then follow him up, so the rest is set up perfectly.


Great idea. I’d love it if they supplemented the existing maps with new kills and features.

To get this out of the way: Colorado obviously needs a kill where you can dress up as Ezra Berg and lure one of the targets somewhere secluded. Ideally to axe them.

  • Dahlia Margolis: It would be great to be able to push her out the window onto the runway during the middle of the fashion show. Better still: loop a cable around her neck before pushing her out so that she dangles in front of everyone and dies by hanging. (The geography isn’t quite right for this, admittedly.)
  • Reza Zaydan: Suicide Bombing. Offer the prisoner a remote bomb so that when Zaydan comes to taunt him, the prisoner sacrifices himself and takes them both out.
  • Ken Morgan: This guy obviously needs more love. His circuit should be extended so that he also goes to the cocktail bar and the docks, because he is much too stationary. Here are three suggestions for kills. First, sabotage an elephant with a bomb so that it falls over and crushes him en route to the bar. Second, sabotage a boat motor so that it explodes and the propeller lodges in his chest. Thirdly, a modern art sculpture by an artist that he admires could be added to the cocktail lounge. When informed about it, Morgan will go to investigate, at which point he can be forcibly pushed into a jagged part of the sculpture which spears him clean through.
  • Matthieu Mendola: If he shows up at the meeting without the documents, Kong should kill him. (I think you should somehow also have the option to pickpocket the documents from Matthieu without knocking him out.)


If I remember correctly there was a useless ventilation machine above Soders operation room. KAI always revived him. And you can’t shoot the breath pipes. You should be able to do that, or inserting nerve poison.


It should be possible to complete Soders’ operation (either personally or by helping the Master Surgeon). And then you have more dialogue and scenes, plus Soders will be at Yuki’s suite.


Caruso’s Plane Escape #1
Achievement Title: Yippee Ki Yay

Cause leak in fuel tank via direct physical interaction (button prompt) or by gun shot. When Silvio takes off, light the fuel trail. Cut scene shows the fire trail chase the plane across the water and into the air, catching it mid-flight and bursting into a dramatic ball of flames (ala Die Hard 2).

Caruso’s Plane Escape #2
Achievement Title: For Whom The Bell Tolls

The pressure of timing and accuracy ramps up here. After Silvio enters the plane but before “mission failed”, you must begin the steps to unleash the Kraken. At which point Silvio unwittingly flies into the tentacles of the Kraken and is crushed and submerged into the depths as the Kraken bellows out a haunting, howling screech…


Would be awesome. I wanted to kill silvio by kraken over a year ago, even had a plan that would have worked it only the kraken wasnt just a 2d picture


In Sepienz, I think it’ll be cool to have the option to use the virus against both targets. A bit of karma there.


Another one for Hokkaido, Situs Inversus:

Yoga Through the Cross Hairs

Like with Lafayette, if we wait long enough the Yoga Instructor will eventually meet up with Yuki.
Now we have the possibility of sniping her while she’s in the “tree pose” in order to drop her body off the platform.

If you turned off the cold water before to get the other spa guests out, you can snipe her just as the instructor turns around for a no-witness hidden body sniper kill.


You can see a vent system on the spa wall from there, which stops moving when shot. Would be nice if this had the same effect as turning the cold water off.


I quite like this one. Its really simple. I imagine he’d hold the bomb+detonator behind his back. It would require some new dialog though.


I’d love this one, which I believe it was actual kill that has been cut out.

In this section, next to the scarecrow there is: a generator, a tap to turn on water, and some lamps just above the place where the water goes. You should be able to shoot the lamps to electrify the water.

I do I think it’s a cut kill method? Look at the lamps. They are highlighted in yellow. If you’ve played the game for a while, you know stuff highlighted in yellow is stuff you’re supposed to be able to interact with. Yet it only behaves like any other environmental lights.


I don’t know. None of the previous electrical kills have involved dropping electrical items into water, right?

Either way it would be a good idea.

Also, another addition for Freedom Fighters which is from my “Improving Freedom Fighters”-thread:

Freedom Fighters - Scarecrow Scare

In this I suggest Ezra Berg has a heart condition, and if you poison his drink/food with the hallucinogenic and then confront him as the scarecrow he’ll have a heart attack and die. This could be as simple as him seeing you on his walk back from the garage. Maybe you step out into his line of sight, but out of everyone elses.


Yes they have, remember the electrocution kill in A Houuse Built on Sand?


Right. Of course. Must’ve slipped my mind due to being one of the bonus missions.


Excuses excuses mate :stuck_out_tongue:


@Kent great thread!

A few ideas of my own…

  • you reap what you sow

Eliminate Ezra Berg by (somehow) unlocking the Prisoners door, causing the prisoner to kill Berg for you when he enters the basement again.

  • Pay back’s a Bitch
    Drop a pistol, then Untie the Prisoner in Marrakesh. Prisoner will kill Zaydan when he enters the room.

  • Secrets Safe With Me

While disguised as a bodyguard, confront Jordan Cross saying you have the audio recording of him killing Hannah and wish to return it to him. Escort him to a deserted location.


I actually thought of a different yet similar scenerio for ezra.
Taste of Your Own Medicine
Unlock Prisoner door and free prisoner.

Ezra returns to find prisoner missing and investigates the room.

Push Ezra into the chair and strap him in.

Listen to Ezra plead before saying something badass

Cause him to OD on his own serum.

  1. drug Rose
  2. record line “I am god and you have to kill your people”
  3. put it on his smartwatch on repeat
  4. watch him going rampage on everyone
  5. BONUS: arrange things to make him kill the other three targets before getting killed by his guards


Aside from Silvio Caruso, Francesca De Santis, Marco Abiatti (Catholics) and maybe General Zaydan (Muslim?), I don’t think any of the targets have any religious affiliation.

It’s kinda odd only four of the targets in the game (six if you include Bosco and Abiatti) are native to their mission’s location.


You forgot Yuki Yamazaki.