The "All-New Kills Update/DLC"


Religion or Nationality?


Nationality. 20202020


@STEVEORSOMTHING yeah that’s actually a really good one! I like that even better than mine. Good idea!


Silvio, Francesca, Zaydan and Yuki.


Oh I think I’ll also link this one for fans of Jordan Cross!


Other quick Bangkok kills.

  1. Pull fire alarm to trigger fire drill/evac while Jordan Cross is in sound booth and cannot hear the alarm. He will be left alone in the studio but almost entire hotel will be Trespassing zone.

  2. When you inspect Studio floor as Exterminator you are given free reign to setup any kills/traps for Jordan before they come back upstairs.

  3. After Ken Morgan has claimed the Queen Suite, turn on his TV. It will show the football match he was talking about. Morgan will then go watch TV.


A Gilded Cage:
Lure Claus outside and the protestors beat him to death


Or first take out the protest leader and take his clothes and megaphone. Then start the evacuation in the Consulate so they escort Claus outside. Then go back and tell the other protesters where he is so they can kill him


Same thing. Lure him outside and get the protestors to kill him.


Alternative method… Dress up as Embassy Security or one of the soldiers outside. Stand near the mob until you get a prompt that says:

“G - Fire your gun into the air”

This causes the mob to go crazy and siege the Embassy! :smiley:


Tilt a picture that hangs on a wall and strap a bomb in. OCD-Rose will tilt it back and the bomb will explode (this kind of trick was used in World War 2, honest).


Obviously you don’t play the game. Lol.

Nah, totally useless and unnecessary.

Time to get out of the past. We live in 2017 now and you guys still live with your old hitman games.

Before you go around calling other threads useless, perhaps check to see your posts to not be even more useless. How ironic.


What, you have some kind of shit fetish?


I’m not a caprophagist! I just find that shit funny


You definitely have a fetish.


Okay…moving on…

  1. Wish there was a way to kill Francesa De Santis by throwing in her in lab-acid while she is conscious and watching her scream as her face melts off.

  2. Wish you could kill the guy in Hokkaido via decapitation with a katana. All it would take is patching in new kill-animations. Thought I’m not sure the game engine supports separation-limbs on the skeleton.

  1. That’s a pretty cool way to kill her, but a little unrealistic. Maybe the biolab gas could have the same effect.

  2. Ditto.


Pop Quiz
Q1: An NPC use the toilet during regular walk-cycles, where?
Q2: One of the main targets can be manipulated to use the toilet without using poison. Who and how?


A1: Paris and World of Tomorrow
A2: Dalia Margolis if you participate in IAGO auction as Tobias Rieper


Q1: I know there is one in Paris but I don’t know about Sapienza, can you explain?
Q2: I mean use the toilet to puke, not use the bathroom.