The "All-New Kills Update/DLC"


A1: Yeah, please sorry about Sapienza. Just thought about all of the public toilets. By the way, are you talking about this guy in Paris?
A2: Huh, i don’t know then. Maybe Ken Morgan, but he doesn’t really puke, just does puking animation


Q1: Margolis.
Q2: Strandberg, crack the safe.

Overheard stuff on Reddit.


Actually… you can use many things to bring NPC’s into “Drowning range”. Huehuehuehue.

Of all the kinds of kills… toilets are one of the most developed in this game. :slight_smile:


Jordan Cross: First step; replace the microphone with the Branson Microphone and sabotage it so sparks start coming out. Second step; While Jordan is inside the recording booth, a prompt will show to kill Jordan (if you’re behind him) by mushing his face into the sabotaged microphone, electrocuting his face.


Uhhhh, you’re touching him thus you’d get electrocuted too.




Actually the microphone is bulky enough to be a melee weapon. Would be nice to have it as a melee weapon.

Same with the guitar.


I guess the issue is that having peoples bodies come apart would add loads of complications to the game. Like having to drag their body away to hide it and then drag their head.


Okay in the Author I think you should Have option to kill Craig Black with the virus sample.


I would have wanted this hidden as an Easter Egg.

It basically replaces the cinematic/animation for “One More Time, Mr. Soders” if you are able to reach him in that spot carrying a Katana.


Exactly what I thought was gonna happen as soon as I read the challenges name! Then I was a bit let down…
I mean I already envisioned 47 saying some one liner as Soders tries to mutter something,then he slowly raises his katana and slice