🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys!

No β€œhappy birthday to the ground?” :laughing:


Happy birthday, @AGENT4T7 fibre wire king!! :cake:


For my birthday, I shall sing you all a song…


Have a beary happy burrday, @Emo_Amy!


Thanks @scm97tl although I’ll no doubt try n forget this one it’s been shit stuck in work!



@Emo_Amy :smiley:.


Thanks also @ingrobny, much appreciated!





Have a sad, depressing birthday

LOL That was just a joke :joy::joy:





Happy Birthday @Emo_Amy



Haha the day after my birthday lol

Happy Birthday @Emo_Amy


Happy Birthday @Emo_Amy! :tada::confetti_ball::gift:


Happy happy birthday!!!


Happy BDay @Emo_Amy



Happy Birthday, @Emo_Amy!


Damn late for another Birthday. Got no cake but how about some other…party favors @Emo_Amy. :sunglasses:


FUCK! I’m late again. Happy Birthday my friend :hugs:


Ah, no problem man. Better late than never lol Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Supernova @MrBurn4488 @FantumX @STEVEORSOMTHING (You’d think I liked Batmanorsomething … see what I did there?) @AGENT4T7 @IndianAgent47 @D1NGdong @Chef-assassin (I’m torn with this, I’m actually Irish xD) @05prash05 @Nazareth (Any relation to the band with Billy Rankin? Also…there’s always time for that :wink: )

Never realised one was so popular, thanks again everybody I had a pretty shit birthday truth be told I was in work for 14 hours but heyho! x