🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


Happy birthday @ingrobny! :gift::tada::confetti_ball:


Happy Belated Birthday @ingrobny


Late yet again. Any cake left for me this time or just the crumbs?:wink: Happy B-day @ingrobny


I’m always late as well. How do people know who’s birthday is when?


I don’t know anyone’s birthday. I just happen to notice the cake beside their avatar. :birthday:


… because they put it on their profiles and the forum can filter user’s upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. I use android so is on the top right menu on the cakeday section.

I seldom write a message to people, I just like the post of the first or second dude making the congratulations unless I feel like I have some unique thing I can message.


Turned 31 yesterday. Saw my post here from last year when I turned 30. Ah, how young I was then. How hopeful. Such optimism.

EDIT: Happy belated birthday @ingrobny !


Happy YesterBirthday, @eeefaa !


One day late

@eeefaa :smiley:


Belated birthday wishes, @eeefaa!


Happy Birthday @eeefaa :smiley:


Have a beary happy day-late burrday, @eeefaa!


Happy Birthday @eeefaa! :tada::gift::tada:


I hope your birthday is great @eeefaa!


@eeefaa, sorry I’m late on the birthday wishes. Got held up in traffic.




Happy Birthday to ya @eeefaa :birthday::balloon::gift::tada:


Thanks for all the birthday wishes, gang! Always nice to come back to HMF after a break and see the familiar names :grin:


Have a nice birthday from me too @eeefaa .
and the fellas i missed.
and amy etc



@Arvin47 :smiley:.


Have a beary happy burrday, @Arvin47!