🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


@theinternet11 Happy B…to The Day to you!

There you go some hip lingo from a guy who thinks the 90’s where 10 years ago.


Happy birthday @theinternet11 are you older than the Internet now?


No, I’m actually pretty young lmao. I might be one of the younger people on this forum, I just turned 16. Also thanks everyone!


Happy Birthday kiddo! :yum:


Happy birthday to me, finally turning 13 Kappa, jk still 12.

I’m 24


Speedy birthday to @GuLe


Have a beary happy burrday, @GuLe!


Very cool, did you draw it? Since the writing bearthday :smiley:.


Nah. Just found it on Google. A lot of birthday bear cards that haven’t being seen until now :bear:


That’s because it was before scm97tl joined a forum and now all internet bears will be found and put to good use :smiley:.


Happy Birthday @GuLe



LOL, hope you had/have a great day!


I do not really know you, like at all, but I think I have read somewhere that you’re Argentinan… sorry if you’re not, but in case you are:

Β‘FELIZ CUMPLEAΓ‘OS BOLUDO! OJALÁ VALLÁS A PARAR A LA LOMA DEL ORTO Y LA CONCHA DE LA LORA y que tengas muchos mΓ‘s Γ©xitos en YouTube y en tu familia y amigos!

Y me rompe las pelotas tu putΓ­simo Kappa. Mentira mi proto, te quiero <3.


What really? Oh wait. I just saw you’re 24. Happy Birthday!!!


Huheueheuheuhe si, soy de Argentina, gracias! <3



Happy Birthday @GuLe! :cake: :birthday:


Happy Belated Birthday @GuLe


Happy birthday @toramarushou!


Have a beary happy burrday, @toramarushou!


Thank you, thank you! :smiley: