🎈 The Birthday Thread πŸŽ‰


have a beary happy burrday, @FearlessArogunz!


Happy Birthday @FearlessArogunz


Happy Birthday @FearlessArogunz!


Happy birthday @FearlessArogunz


Thank you! @Silverballer @FantumX @Emo_Amy @scm97tl @ingrobny @borek921 @Sean_OMalley


Don’t thank yet.

Happy Birthday!! :smile:


Thank you all for the wishes :smiley: I will post some photos of my 3 days of celebrating. Which is about going to places by my self or with my best pal.
@scm97tl @FantumX @Sean_OMalley @Bardachenko

@Emo_Amy is a Corona ok? I don’t drink normally

@borek921 that’s the Silverballer :smiley: Thank you my friend

@MrBurn4488 12-2-angry-meme-transparent-png-thumb

@Mads47 you almost blew my cover

@FearlessArogunz thank you man, I actually did.

@AGENT4T7 thank’s :smiley: I sure will

Also Happy Birthday @FearlessArogunz we are in the September club :sunglasses:

I couldn’t tag the rest because it says I can’t tag more than 10 people :frowning:


Corona is alright I guess? Haha.


Well I like it :smiley: Especially with lime inside


Happy Birthday @Codename_Thomson


Full cake is birthday.
Slice of cake is anniversary of joining HMF.

Proper thread to give a shout out is here: :sunglasses::+1:

HMForum Members' cake day?


Oops. Happy Early Birthday Thomson. They really should make them distinct from each other.


Happy Birthday @Codename_Thomson


Happy B-day @Codename_Thomson hope you are having a murderous good time!

@Emo_Amy you are able to delete our own post, you don’t have to ask the admins to do so :slight_smile:



While I am very appreciative of the recognition, I’m not sure what made you guys think it’s my birthday today.

My birthday is at June 27th.

Thank you anyway!


@Sean_Leary started it :rofl: I followed suit. I must check these things in future :unamused:


Have a beary happy burrday, @Firepower!


Cheers dude! Getting myself ready for tonight’s libations! :grinning:


Happy Birthday! :tada:


Today it’s my birthday!