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Cheers ! even I wouldn’t mess with this 7 year old me in my school, this is the kind of guy who knows all the hidden camper spots and ditches school to go to De-Dust 2 every Monday. Rumor has it he hacked the school computers and gained access and installed Counter strike on all systems, the teachers never knew what kind of mastermind he really was. :smile:


Those are gym gloves right? I had a pair identical to those ones


Yeah right… this shit ain’t gonna fly around here!


Yep, bought them cheap straight from my local sports shop. :wink:


7 years old I had my first computer Windows XP, got half life with it and played CS everyday on it.

Literally became a PC gamer thanks to these games, I wish i was joking and this was me now because life was so much more simpler :wink:


Makes me remember my Ratchet and Clank cosplay with my sisters doll strapped to my back as Clank. Jeez.


When and if I make an effort with my face I can be quite respectable looking. Still don’t make an effort with clothes though.


What’s your tattoo of? Can’t see it too clearly.


It’s of something I put no thought into in truth, it’s a lotus flower with 3 cupid arrows through it, got it when I was 15, kinda regret it now, kids, think before you ink!


You can always just make up a great story for it huehu


“its the insignia of my platoon, when i was in Vietnam“ is always a good response :wink:


Come on. You look neat and bearutiful.


ok scratch that
On @Silverballer’s request.





you are a sexy Motherfucker, Mr Badea!

(almost) no homo


Talk about dress to fucking kill!


awwwww thank you

@MrOchoa but I wanted to look like a sexy criminal


LMFAO!! Sorry man, I just had to! :joy:

Awesome picture though, dude. Seriously! :sunglasses:


If I had the WA2000 with me I would had replicated this one