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We should all make Slav pose photos and make a contest



Uh oh. Did I just start a trend? :wink::chicken:


Set up a thread already. Im super game for this


I need to buy a track suit first


Cheers, Saturdays Heroes!


Today was the last day of the season summer job and now I will have 2 months of free time.
I’m really happy because since 1 December till today I think I did only 15-20 days off. This was one hell of a working year for me, learned lots of new things, made a wonderful experience and met some great people.
I wen’t back in my city, a 1 hour drive and I will be staying at some relatives and some days at my best friend till 1 October when the house I rented with my mom will be ready.

Yesterday there was a storm in the area where I work (Madonna di Campiglio). This was the outcome from this morning. Beautiful.

And this is my cousin’s bunny


From someone who works and lives in the city the countryside in those videos and photographs are beautiful. I guess your work is geographically at a very high altitude what with all the low clouds in the area. I’ve never seen anything quite as beautiful as some of those pictures.

Also that bunny is hella cute.


IIRC he lives 80Km away from his workplace.

Also @badeaguard funny you post bunny pictures now. My president just had the most brilliant of ideas (as in another of the most stupid ones to date). He wishes to gift people a couple ofof bunnies so people raise them, feed them, breed them and then eat them. So they end hunger. Because ppl will be so chill about eating bunnies, let alone if they are their pets. Brilliant.


That scenery is HEAVENLY! :heart_eyes:


43 PM


All work and no play makes @badeaguard a dull boy.


Well, he is


All work and no play makes @badeaguard a Bellboy. :grin:


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idk some of his best stories come from when he’s working.
Like the rat or the mouse incident. That one’s a classic.


What’s the rat incident ?


I tried to chatch it with my hand and bite me. Got to go to the hospital for a rabis vacine


Once, I found a demon in my house and it killed me, I had to go to heaven to be purified of my sins and I got resurrected


Tell your dealer to give you something softer Kappa.


What ?