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you talking to me? :grin:


Hey guys, a couple of days ago was my birthday. Didn’t celebrate in any particular way besides travelling around on my own. I been to this wonderful lake on 20th, then went back to eat dinner with my mom and her fiance.
The next day me and my best pal went to the sea, left a mark on the sand there as well and the other day we went to an open zoo.
It was pretty nice, but all the interesting animals were sleeping. Next birthday I want to travel somewhere more far from home. I was thinking about Rome or maybe London but I’m pretty sure I will change my mind and end up somewhere totally different.

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That scenery is like heaven on earth to me. Would love to see that in person.
The sand art is very cool too! :sunglasses::+1:

Great post!


Last semester of college (Jan,2016) i was a ladies man lel Me buddy shubham the burnt toast lookin mf and I in the background :laughing:




its a bro code lel



That is quite insane. How can you kill and eat a bunny you raised for a while. How did the coworkers reacted?
My cousins bunny on the other hand likes to hump a lot a stuffed animal he has :joy:

@ILikeGAMESish I’m at 1.700 altitude. 200 meters higher was snowing.

@MrBurn4488 how do you even remember that picture? But it brings back memories. That was the last picture I did wondering if I would ever go back to work there. Brings back some feels.

@MadMax I really don’t know what that means :smiley: What does it mean? Is it a good thing?

@HHCHunter they still make fun at me at work for that story :smiley:

@FantumX Thank you, sorry I’m replying late. It really was a wonderful place. Now I have some friend to bring there and hopefully one day some special girl. You can even rent a wooden boat and go around. The lake was very small, in half an hour you can walk it all in a circle.


Like “REDRUM,” it’s a reference to The Shining.


Went for a walk along the railroad tracks and found some dead animal with the skeleton pretty nicely preserved, and since I like skulls I thought hey why not take a pic.

Btw Donald duck says “Fucking kill yourself” lmao.


Today in India, we celebrate “Dussehra” and here’s something from one of my favorite channels on YT, an American family living in India narrating their experiences about this festival, so i hope you guys enjoy this and bless ya’ll :blush: and this is my city, New Delhi, i used to visit my grandma’s when i was younger and loved watching the show and lights and crackers :smiley:


There is nothing as crazy as a festival in Asia, nothing.
I couldn’t imagine how crazy a festival would be in New Delhi.

I remember when I was 15-6 in Thailand when it was Songkran.

It was absolutely mental. People were doing drive by’s with water guns and motorcycles, driving around in pickups throwing water out of massive buckets. Throwing dye and flour, ect ect. Craziest thing i’d experienced in life up until that point.


the same happens in India as well bro :smiley: The festival is called ‘Holi’ :smiley:


But then you saw the dankest meme of all time right


Yes, Watchu gon do bout it


act like i didnt noticed it :scream:


You can’t


well, then…i guess i have to kick your ass on Mortal Kombat X? :slight_smile:


You can’t :sunglasses:
Even though I’m a bit rusty since I haven’t played in a while


Before I go.


I suspected as much you have the look of the kind of guy who doesn’t throw a stone and hide his hand.

Peace out to the only real motherfucker on the forum. Our resident badass.