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Damn! I started to watching Gotham two days ago and You look exactly like Edward Nygma ( aka The Riddler ) from that show


Dont like to post pics of myself but check out my cats:

My cat Puce (pronounced Pyce. french for flea) 11yrs old

And Tyson, 9yrs old, defender of the neighborhood and secretly gay


You were online about 3 hours or more before you posted that
do you wake up at 5 or something ? :joy::joy:


I actually have been having a really hard time sleeping the past week, so yeah I was.



you’re Batman


For a split second there I was like “wtf this guy is clearly not Uber” and then I realized you actually ment batman… well, that’s bad!


Why ?


I have found that whoever weilds the sword decides who holds the pen


You’re holding neither


Nor was the Shadow Client when he said that, owned


from now on, i decide who holds that damn Pen! :stuck_out_tongue:


More like :


He could have lol maybe it was concealed inside the back of his coat, we don’t know… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well how do you know it wasn’t in the back of my coat as well


Well played, sir.


Fuck Monday, i dont want to work today :roll_eyes:


@MrOchoa I found your wife



When you finaly get the guy whos writing “finish me“ under your baes instagram pics


His wife is a useless spammer that dies so fucking uselessly on the story mode that you can’t even pity her.

BTW D’Vorah is the best


Devorah is the worst thing ever
Raiden and Predator FTW