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I have some bad news for you guys :smiley:
Still enjoy your waffles!


Haha same here. Can’t start my day off right without either. Who needs Eggs and French Toast anyway :joy:


My girlfriend and I at her sister’s wedding!


looking ‘Dapper’ boiii :ok_hand:t4:


My birthday is still several days away but my family came to town this weekend and surprised me for my big 5-Oh-my-god-I’m-old. Got a text from one sister telling me she was picking me up at 6:30 sharp to go out for an early celebration. Brother, 3 sisters, their spouses, 2 nieces and my son all showed up together.

Mini van was converted into a “party bus” and they wisked me away on a 30 minute trek to a recreation place to celebtrate kiddie style.

The party bus:

We’re wearing fake mustaches from kiddie gift bags supplied by the place. Left to right - my son, looking like a long lost Mario Brother (Bluigie???), my sister and me.

Me and 2 sisters

Youngest niece getting in on the mustache action.

Played several rounds of laser tag. A first for everyone in our group. And a total blast! As well as a game of bowling and playing arcade games. Pizza drinks and cake included.

So yes, crazy runs in the family. It’s not just me.


Youre only turning 50? Judging by all the pics you posted i thought youd be 65 :joy:


Geez, thanks for deflating my self esteem. :disappointed_relieved:

But I will admit I’m feeling some anxiety and self consciousness about celebrating later this week with a girl I’ve been seeing lately. (She’s considerably younger than me). I’m already feeling a little awkward just thinking about it. :grimacing:


teach her how to love, Daddy :joy:


May be some truth in that. I just found out the last time we were together that her father passed away a couple years ago. So it’s possible there are some “daddy issues” at play here.

Ok, now I’m REALLY feeling weird about it. Ugh.


I know you can take it gramps.

You dog, you. Well played


I miss my white hair


Ok, I usually keep my romantic life private. But I just freakin turned 50 and I’ve been crazy lucky to be spending time with this beautiful young thing for the last few months.

Birthday dinner at a local tavern. I got the Chipotle Cuban Sandwich. It was amazing!


Wait wait wait. You have found a girlfriend? :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are closer to agent 47 age. And by the way, that surprise party is wonderful. Wish my friends did something for me like this, instead they are: here is your present, I’ll pay you for Mc Donalds


Well I date pretty regularly for the most part, just rarely anything too serious. Not sure where this one is headed yet.

Gotta get back to her now. Thanks for the BD wishes!


Have a good one my friend :sunglasses:


What a gorgeous sandwich!!! Lol and your girl too!


Gotta have some fries to go with that shake, huh? :laughing:

You got a girl like that and you’re wasting your time talking to us?

Get busy you naughty little duckling! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lol


YOU are a lucky old man, my friend. :heart_eyes:
You two are also a cute couple :slight_smile:


Am i the only one more interested in the sandwich lel have a good one sir and god bless you with amazing health! :smile:


LOL! to the first part.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And a sincere thank you to the second. :sunglasses:

Yes, yes I am. (But you didn’t have to rub in the “old” part. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
She’s pretty awesome and a lot of good times together. But ultimately the age gap has been tough to overcome in the long haul (I pretty much date exclusively on the younger side). I may be 50 but I still live my life like I’m in my late 20’s to 30’s and it seems like most ladies my age live like their old. Sorry, not going to make Bingo Night at the local hall the highlight of my week 5 years from now.