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LOL! to the first part.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And a sincere thank you to the second. :sunglasses:

Yes, yes I am. (But you didn’t have to rub in the “old” part. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
She’s pretty awesome and a lot of good times together. But ultimately the age gap has been tough to overcome in the long haul (I pretty much date exclusively on the younger side). I may be 50 but I still live my life like I’m in my late 20’s to 30’s and it seems like most ladies my age live like their old. Sorry, not going to make Bingo Night at the local hall the highlight of my week 5 years from now.


Might sound strange but one of my college friend has a similar resemblance to your girlfriend :smile:


So I was at a birthday party with my best friend. A very nice and quiet evening, we drank a beer and eat lots of barbecue among other friends.

At the end of the party we were going back at my home to play some Call of Duty but stopped for a smoke first and my best mate says to me:

**Friend: Let’s go in Slovakia to visit my girlfriend. ****
Me: When?
Friend: I don’t know. When would you like to go?
Me: Let’s go right now.
Friend: I have a budget of 100 €
Me: I’m almost there as well

And so we drove 14 hours just with 200 € each in our pockets :joy:
The place was wonderful. A friend of his girlfriend found us an apartment right in the center of a small city named Poprad and she paid for us all to stay there.
We went out to visit the center, we ate at a couple of restaurants, we went to visit a beautiful lake up in the mountains and we got drunk in the evening, I got excited, I got depressed, I texted my ex girlfriend telling her all my feelings, I regret it but in that moment was the best idea ever. It was great!!! And normally I don’t even drink.

As my friend pointed out We are a Romanian and an Albanian, driving a German car, with Italian plate numbers, eating Japanese food, listening to French music in Slovakian territory.
Here are some photos

An this is our re entry back in Italy


Wow low budget trips are the best.


Everything there was cheap. The apartment was 50 € a day, with 7/10 € you have a full meal with something to drink in almost any restaurant. FREE WIFI EVERYWHERE YOU GO
Diesel costs 1.15 € a liter.

Most than anything I wanted to see the face of my mom when she called me to ask if I’m eating something for dinner and I told her No mom. I’m in Slovakia. and send the picture at the border.
She was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE!!! Ahhh… ok. See you when you come back.


Messy hair // Bloody lips


Interesting. Here it is 0,05 Bs a liter. Probably about 0,000000773 euros by my calculations.

That’s about the only affordable thing in my country.


Wow, totally jealous! Sounds like a ton of fun. Great pics and a very nice looking crew you had with you. Ahhh, to be young and care-free.


Thats what I call dashboard dining!!


Hey there, Kurt. :smile:


I trow it away after this photo. I bought it at a gas station. It was like eating plastic :frowning:


Sup haha, it’s been 6 years since I passed the 27-club though. Damn, Id’s old Id these days. :rofl:


do you work at Ether too ?


How much does clean water cost?


About 0,00448€ per litter if we were to use the same exchange rate that I used when I said that, but now it is about 25% different so both prizes should be lower now actually.


Always makes me a bit sad when water is more expensive.


@Urben Clean water as in water bottles?


Yes, minus the costs of the bottles itself.


Ah, right, I’m gonna sound so ignorant but over here (Sweden) our tap water is really good (and free; no matter how much you use, shower, dishes, cooking etc.) so I was a bit confused.


Same here with Germany, but I know that very clean tap water is not available everywhere, so it would be good (in my mind) that the clean water, which is somehow accessible, is still not more expensive than gasoline.