The Forum Gallery V3


Thank God the Tapwater in Germany is so good, i’ve never bought a bottle of water in my life.


Shesh I miss this hair color!


It’s better that you don’t tbh, when I go through periods of drinking a lot of bottled water I wind up with headaches. Something to do with storage, temperature and the plastic itself.


I thought the pictures were black and white for a moment, and I was quite confused XD


:joy: Shit, I can see what you mean now!


I like it though! looks good! :slight_smile:


dunno why but you reminded me of Sia because of your hairs covering your face lol


Happy Turkey Day HMF!



Out and away on vacation, still up to business as usual. :wink:

PS: I strangled the cameraman I couldn’t leave witnesses.


This looks more spooky if anything. Lol


Fits well with the track “Amb Zone” by jesper kyd :sunglasses:


I’m getting more of a Slender Man vibe with this pic. :wink:


I’m honestly believing that he really did strangle that camera man, as far back as they decided to take the picture…


The dark woods defiantly fits the mood. :+1:


I fucking hate this tie but I lost mine, so I had to ask my uncle for one. He had like 15 but none matched yellow or purple which are the two best shirts I have.

I also hate the bedroom’s light being yellow, but white light bulbs are expensive.


those are some high zoom lens boiii lel i wear -2.25 R and -0.75 L, glasses.


Yep. I love the distortion it causes as you try to follow my hairline lol.

I already forgot how many myopia I have. But I know it’s over 2 on both.


Seriously? I wasn’t aware there was a price difference between soft white and yellow?


You look like someone very important in this photograph. Maybe a UN dignitary or executive of an NGO.