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The thicker your hair, the better. It’s tougher with thin hair but still be possible. Also you may have to go to a barbershop to get it twisted, though I know some folks have gotten theirs braided instead. Keep it in that condition for about a year more or less and your hair will start to lock. Personally, I think your hair looks good on you as it is though.

I’ve gotten pretty good at playing Hide n go Seek with the Cops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You look like a GTA radio dj.


:laughing: If only I had the DJ skills to match.



Boy this is going to be interesting :grin:


Show us the label inside the hat, I wanna know where it was made


Donating blood for 8 free chocolate bars, a candy bar, a juice box and a day off work the greater good of other people in need.


“I remember you, you are the one with the Needle!“


Christmas shopping.


i always imagined you White and Fat, wearing a Tuxedo and laugh a lot. not sure why.


Because that’s what I really am.

The guy in the picture is my black friend from Facebook.


Finally a more Hitman themed mugshot. Custom phone case and ma tired face.


Me buddy and I went to an amusement park, today was a good day :smoking:

bumping this on my way back home :relaxed:


Excellent choice of music for the occasion :+1:


Its wedding season here and i’m enjoying paneer tikkas (cottage cheese tikkas), pav bhaji and 20 different types of stuff lol


Oh man I fucking love paneer tikkas. My dad loves cooking Indian cuisine and is pretty damn good at it. Goddamnit now I want food.


I’m very tired today


Just got home from a extremely exciting weekend in Odense, where a friend and me watched the finals in CS:GO ESL Pro League. Sadly the team i rooted for Astralis currently nr.3 in the World, didn’t make it out of the group finals. Sadly no Danes won on home ground, which was a let down.

But here are some pictures!


The only problem is our human being’s stomach is limited. :persevere: I went to my cousin’s wedding a week back and there was soooooooo much stuff(even pizzas!) Me and my other two cousins had a plan to not eat anything for the entire day and fulfill our hunger by the food at the wedding. I ate 5 pizza slices, drank 3 orange juice glasses, ate a ton of muncgurian and noodles and had a lot of brownie with vanilla ice cream until my stomach couldn’t take anymore and I couldn’t even taste the main cuisine :frowning: but it was a whole lot of fun taking wedding pictures with the dullah and dulhan LOL :smiley:


Two hours till home time after a busy night. I can hear my electric blanket calling.


Outside its snowing AF, I can’t play on my playstation because my tv broke down.

Time to dig out the past…