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Matching Caps :*


Where caps brothers!!! I wanted to tag you in the picture :smiley:


Even though it’s not my favorite, I definitely have a soft spot for Silent Assassin, as it was my first Hitman game.


Silent Assassin is not your favorite? But why?


Because Codename 47 is better :grin:


I just prefer the atmosphere of Contracts, aaand Silent Assassin has Hidden Valley :zipper_mouth_face:


Fair enough. For me Silent Assassin has the best story so far. Plus brings back lots of memories. I use to skip school and spend lots of money to play this game in places where they had computers with all sort of games.
Many played Counter Strike, as a team against each other. We where quite a few who played Hitman


Oh yeah don’t get me wrong I still love SIlent Assassin, I replayed it somewhere around where I had nothing to do in HITMAN. I love the music and I still listen to some tracks on occasion (I even have them on my phone goddammit) and I like the story, I have lots of memories from this game, as I discovered it ages ago, when me and my best friend at the time would just stay up all night playing this, Worms or Max Payne. Contracts and Blood Money just hit the right notes more often than Silent Assassin does today. Yame! Yame!


Playing games during winter is fun lel


Why guess when you ruined the joke yourself, lol :laughing:


My boi wearing the Raven suit :wink:


I couldn’t wait for someone to guess :smiley:


Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year to you all !

Pictures are me holding a Christmas truce as a world war 1 German solider by building snowmen I was successful in building atleast 7 of them around my Home area. :christmas_tree:


Is that a German SS uniform?


No SS in WW1 :wink: 202020


No it isn’t lol, it’s actually a m1907 Infantry uniform use by German soldiers in world war 1, the M1917 Stahlhelm wasn’t used till 1916. The long wool coat is a Soviet era Bulgarian Air force coat used during the cold war making it the only non historically accurate part of the uniform, I had to improvise because it was cold and I think it still looked pretty cool anyway since it looked a little like the m1907 Wool coat just a different colour and no gold buttons.:grin:





Merry Christmas to all.

Photo with me and Andrea, the coworker who taught me everything I know at work.


Lookin good dude with 47 suit


Businessmen! :fist_right::fist_left: