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No SS in WW1 :wink: 202020


No it isn’t lol, it’s actually a m1907 Infantry uniform use by German soldiers in world war 1, the M1917 Stahlhelm wasn’t used till 1916. The long wool coat is a Soviet era Bulgarian Air force coat used during the cold war making it the only non historically accurate part of the uniform, I had to improvise because it was cold and I think it still looked pretty cool anyway since it looked a little like the m1907 Wool coat just a different colour and no gold buttons.:grin:





Merry Christmas to all.

Photo with me and Andrea, the coworker who taught me everything I know at work.


Lookin good dude with 47 suit


Businessmen! :fist_right::fist_left:


Had a big family gathering last weekend for Christmas with nephew and nieces flying in from all over the country. A total of 22 close family members made it. We all chipped in to rent a vacation home for everyone to stay at and celebrate

Kicked off the weekend Friday night with what we dubbed “The Reindeer Run”, a pub crawl if you’re familiar with the term. We all got festive and wore reindeer antlers and proceeded to walk from bar to bar, having a drink,spreading cheer and moving on to the next destination. 8 bars in total, all practically right next door to each other. Total blast. Unfortunately we were missing a few who couldn’t be there until Saturday.

I’m on the far right.


Fascist! Nazi! Scum!

Just kidding, looks like a fun gathering. The last time I had a big family get together was Summer 2016.


That is awesome man! Glad to see/hear you had a great time. :beers:Merry Christmas, to my favorite Kool Aid friend! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well that thing in the backround(Snowflake?) Looks like Nordic Resistance Logo🤔


Nah, just the pubs logo. This microbrewery was our first stop.

Thank you my friend. And to you as well Mr Family Man. Any Christmas traditions you’ll be passing along to the next generation?


Haha we’ll see. This was my kids first Christmas so me and the wife just had a nice relaxing Christmas inside with our Daughter.

A couple gifts, Good food, some nice music, a few family members and some good friends came to visit as well. It was a good first Christmas with my kid and I enjoyed it a lot, very memorable, indeed.

As she gets older, I’ll be passing on a few things with her that I did with my family as a kid at Christmas.


Goodfellas tradition or rito


Of course man. You already know!


Happy New Year HMF!

Currently redecorating grandmas old flat so it’s ready to sell.


On the job

google this picture to make sure this is not a celebrity. Cause I know how fly he looks
Yaw! :kissing_heart:


Future mayor of Chicago right there. :bear::ok_hand:


braaaaah stoooooooop :blush:

(East Saint Louis)


A young Officer Carl Winslow? :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hahah aww man really?

damn, i’ll take it tho.