The Forum Gallery V3




I am on to you @badeguard


Why stopping midway the rabbit hole?

ica illu


Looks good man!


How do you people even notice those things…

@MrOchoa :joy: I think I remember that show. They used to sleep standing on a standing bed right?


We have to go deeper

Literally the first thing i noticed when i saw the picture xD


Went ice skating for the first time with my inferior half. Got some bruises but no ragrets.


Is it difficult? I have some in my area and wanted to give it a try. I see kids using them like they were born on ice but I fear I might brake something if I try.
I never even had rollers when I was a kid, so I guess its going to be quite hard for me to try.


I got some basic hang of it after like 30 minutes. You just have to keep it slow and not get too cocky. Also you need to let your legs relax and let them carry you. Having them all tense in a desperate effort to keep balance is a no no. At least that’s what I’ve learned. You should give it a try, it’s fun.


While walking from job today I had strong first Max Payne’s vibe and I loved it


Looks gorgeous. What is the temp where you live?


Is this Warsaw I see?


thanks! I live in Warsaw Poland, working in architectural company


Got to use my Ampeg SVT Pro 7 bass head through an 8x10 tonight. Look how excited it made me.


Quick! that poor man needs his medicine!!


I thought it said : ‘I was fired today’


Well it doesn’t


Someone was pretty happy to see me today! In all honesty, the second my dog pounced on me, i felt so much better to be home.


When you get too drunk at your grandmother’s 89 birthday and you end like a contestant for the the next “Ru’Paul’s Drag Race”…


I had gotten pretty drunk last night also. Cheers!