The Hitman Community Discord Chat


@Lilith has set up a Discord server where you freaks can chat to other freaks. It’s a neato place really.

Do join up and have a chat with us. We’re usually in there posting past-the-expiry-date memes and calling each other really bad names.

In case you weren’t convinced by the fact that you can now publicly insult other HMF members without getting banned, we also have a cool music voice channel where you can get the bot too play your shitty music selections and playlists.

Join up here:

Discord Channel for Discussion
Hitman Discord!

I’ve been in discord chat for like a week now and I really enjoy it. For anyone who wants to talk Hitman or just casual conversation, come join us.


Where’s the fun in that? No tension. It’s almost like having an Elusive contract with infinite restarts, oh, wait…


The fun in that is that you won’t end up like @Joe_Clarence75

rest in peace, sweet prince…


RIP @Joe_Clarence75. Mr. Swing King, your negativity will forever be missed.


Why is this coming from you, not her? Is it a secret society that you’re advertising?

I’m not coming unless I get a personal invitation from the Princess herself. I’m too proud.


Lilith couldn’t be bothered and mah boy Vinnie said he didn’t know enough about Discord to make a thread. I contemplated not making this thread in fear of ruining my soon-to-be Joey C. Part 2 reputation but decided to bite the bullet and make it anyway because the other two numpties wouldn’t stop nagging me about it.


Maintenance and looking for a decent replacement bot to play music since the one we’ve had before broke.


You had your chance right there, but didn’t take it :frowning:

I’m guessing you were busy “improving” your new avatar too.


I think that hmf should just introduce the old-fashioned shoutbox.


that invite has already expired :stuck_out_tongue:
you need to get one that lasts forever


Should be working now


Was happy to see a lot of the members here join the Discord chat during the Hitman Forum downtime.

If something like that happens again and you wanna hang out with us definitely come join the Discord, guys!


I’d like to thank @EricTheAussie , my parents, RayWilliamJohnson, our lord and savior Jesus Christ, Donald Trump and @Vinnie_Sinistra for introducing me to the discord chat and finding my inner serenity, I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you.




Whenever I visit, no one’s talking about Hitman, so I leave. :smile:


Do you still go by spoderpool there or did you change it?

I tend not to go there when there’s an elusive or a new level is released, people don’t give a damn about spoilers.


I just signed up spodey buddy


I can’t join anymore :frowning:


Ow lol nevermind. Thanks!