The Hitman screenshot thread


Alpha is very unoptimised, barely even get 40fps most of the time when I play it.

I think if you press 9 it turns off all the shadows, which increases the FPS a bit.


Still a gorgeous looking game, especially after the GOTY update.


Back at it with those christmas vibes :slight_smile:


The lighting and color gradient changes did wonder in my opinion.


The new Hokkaido visuals wants me to create contracts so badly. Something about parkour and mirrors!


The moment when a chandelier hits the floor. Captured this one unintentionally tho. :wink:


when you shoot sunglasses they also bounce sparks back


I just noticed Hitman Sniper turned into a christmas party too


i might be lowest ranking player now lel






That’s pretty awesome! :smiley:




Sharp threads, buddy



How did that happen?


He just did it XD

I remember shooting through a glass door near him but I don’t remember if he was distracted by it. I was going to kill him (just screwing around, really), and then he created a chair and sat down!


Just trying reproducing it, no luck. Must be a pretty rare glitch then.


I had also done a series of saves and loads in a row, as I’m working on a method to fiber wire Ken Morgan SA/SO/No KO, so that might have caused issues with it as well!