The Hitman screenshot thread


those look like they are defying gravity.


@YourGudBudNel what do you think?


dayyyum boiii :ok_hand:


it’s a shemale

20 traps


How? :thinking: 202020 wondering characters


Subdue glitch. This video shows shows you how it’s done:


happened to me as well in morocco but i didn’t knew how to trigger it


i wish season 2 has a mission in snowy Russia, would love to go on kill all/stealth route with this beauty



The ICA logo on the Sieger 300 Advanced sniper rifle. I brought along the Sieger 300 Advanced sniper in the Holiday Hoarders mission and used the standard Sieger 300 that can be found in the level.


What! You can actually find a sniper on the map in HITMAN? Where is it?


It’s on the pile-driver barge starting location in Holiday Hoarders. It’s in a gift and right next to you when you have spawned in. It’s pretty cool. :wink:


Yup… just as @SpeedsterRunner217 said. Tbh I thought that was pretty well known. I just posted it because I wasn’t sure if many were aware of the ICA logo on it.


Never played too much of Holiday Hoarders :man_shrugging:


The Cyclist & The Prince. Sleep well dudes.


Is it said why they removed the writing below the barcode on the tattoo? I really like how it looks in Absolution, clear and with the dates.


It’s suspected numbers are removed because IO went with idea that 47 is timeless for HITMAN (like they said in many interviews).Sort of like James Bond.
That’s probably the reason why they made him look younger too,having 47 older and older would probably look very weird because he’s getting close to his 60s


Thanks. I don’t really know if I like that idea, but oh well. What can you do. Looks great either way


I’d love that idea, seeing 47 getting old would be nice. Kinda like ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ where Batman is 50-55 years old and comes out of retirement to save gotham.

As much as i’d love to see a hitman 20, we know it’s not possible, i’d love to see a story ending(not killing) 47s legendary saga in an epic way.


A beautiful evening to die