The Hitman screenshot thread


So I started the all disguise screenshots from hitman contracts. I know it misses some from the slaughter house party mission. If you like it I’ll make what’s remaining in the game :slight_smile:
I had this on my PC for 3 last month but I finally did it :stuck_out_tongue:


Are these pictures taken with a camera? they don’t look like screenshots.


Yes it was indeed. Unfortunately I don’t know how to take screenshot from a tv and it can be tricky to find mirror to see well the disguise. Some level like slaying a dragon and deadly cargo doesn’t have any :confused:
I just wanted to see well his face because the cam is stucked on his back like in hitman 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

I should get a PC to have crisper pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


You should get banned for doing that


Ok I won’t come back.


I was just kidding. Post it again please :smiley:


Sry but I can’t get joke by text with unknown ppl. That’s why I avoid a lot internet wheb it comes to discussing with strangers :confused:


Oh i thought it was the PC version, since who the hell still owns a PS2 today anyway? :open_mouth: I know some do, but not the majority.


Sorry about that. It’s good screenshots. I actually like that it is photographed from the TV.


S-E released a remaster on ps3 and 360 in 2013 IIRC. There is ony beldingford which is a pain in the backside to take good picture of 47 because mirror are blurry.

Thx abeg


So, the latest release of the freecam tool allows you to freeze 47’s aim so he doesn’t turn anymore when you move the camera trying to take a screenshot of him aiming.

However I still have the problem of everything in front of 47 “becoming transparent”:

I also can’t seem to properly use the tool while looking down the scope, with the scope visuals “sticking” to the camera, making it look like 47 flies around while sniping:


Even though the second pic I guess is a “glitch” still kinda trippy and cool.

Kinda reminds me of a movie poster…like James Bond maybe?


I did try to make it look like there was a mini-47 standing on the pole. :laughing:


Nice! Off to do some screenshotting :smiley:


Social awkwardness? Welcome to the club :smiley:


When aiming, 47 becomes some kinda overlay. I noticed this when his arm wouldn’t touch/go through a wall.





Trust Fall Challenge! :bear::smiley:

When your favourite song plays loudly and the excitement is hard to contain…

Who says the invisible wire is the worst thing to happen to HITMAN when we get nice pics like this? :bear::smirk: