The Hitman screenshot thread


Dat suit @Hardware



What am I doing…


I don’t really know. The mirror seems to show one thing, then I see other from your POV and that one is less… sexual.


#I’m putting out the challenge. Who can get the best exit cut-scene screenshot.

I dragged majority of the bodies in Sapienza into a pile and then drove the car through them, some of the bodies went flying.

I wish had of planned ahead and put proximity explosives in or before the pile so that the bodies and objects inside the pile would of gone flying as the explosive objects exploded.

Another idea I had was making a trail of explosive objects and using a proximity mine to set off from the cars movement. What’s faster? An explosives trail, or the escape car.


“He is right behind me, isn’t he?”


In the Battle of the Baldies there was only ever going to be one winner :grinning:


This feels like a challenge that could be hilarious in video actually.


How to exit Sapienza hilariously (not a screenshot, but still)


Omg wtf. LMFAO! :joy:


Someone should remake this in Sapienza with the Car and try and do the whole escape road, that’d be a laugh.



Separated for 10 years, but together again at last.


The irony is that 47 is something like 14 years older in the BOTTOM shot :slight_smile:


BEHOLD, HITMAN first person experience

Also, what do you mean the fiber wire is invisible? I can see it pretty darn well :joy::joy::joy:


Still waiting, man!!


Niche shot yes, but that’s not even the WA2000. One thing that makes me mad in this game


It technically is, just IOI can’t name it the WA2000 due to copyright so we can just call in the WA2000 in our minds.


Yes sorry, this is going to be the biggest one of all of them yet :smile:

Not sure if I should split it in 2 parts or not


Split it in two, then you get more likes.


I’m not doing it for the likes :slight_smile: