The Hitman screenshot thread


…said no-one ever.


Well, it’s not like it’ll make any difference either way.


But its not. It resembles it a lot but its not the same. Its a modern midget version of it. I want the 1 meter long rifle


Exactly, I’ll think it’ll be posted around wednesday.



Well, it was enough to fool me, so I’m fine with it.



47 vs Hay Bale :






Damn those Absolution flashbacks had me giggling


YEAAAA BOIIII! :laughing:


“Say it again! I dare you! Dare to say that this tie isn’t genuine Italian silk!”


Can someone please remove the ‘Stop Blending In’ text? It ruins the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


…or replace the text with “Stop Dicking Around” :grin:


After weeks of the band and crew demolishing hotel property and disturbing the other guests, Ms. Mookjai finally snapped and went on a rampage. Afterwards she put the corpses on public display as an example for any future potential troublemakers.


Now just a pinch of salt, a bit of good will and we’re good to go.


How did you do the second picture? Doesn’t look like a subdue animation, and even if it was, you have your gun out… smh.


Should be the elimination (I think that’s what it’s called), which is an option when you stand behind somebody and have your pistol out.


I may have to steal that as my new avatar
Edit. Just stole that as my new avatar. Thanks


Haha, happy to help, I’m honored, chef :smiley: