The Hitman screenshot thread


I don’t know if anyone will catch my reference but 47 in these gloves reminds me of Zack Addy from ‘Bones’. :smile:




Doesn’t this belong in the funny picture thread? this is not really what i would call a screenshot.


Those are screens from Amendment XXV


Nicely done! Take my upvote.


Terminus…If it ain´t crashing…Some other weird comes up.


Thank’s men ! The 2nd pictures is a colision caméra bug but finaly that’s a good screen ^^


I know, but these are taken a year ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


15 years definitely makes a big difference




Sorry but which is which? i would put my 3 fiddy on the one to the left is the newest model.


Detachable Sniper Rifle suppressor Animation coming soon? (look at the grooves at the barrel) :scream:


Where’d you get the latest model :scream:


It will never come. That must had been the model they used to make it. And since their weapons model are airsofts, this one is the same story


Didn’t know it was this easy to kill Bosco in the freezer :slight_smile:


Freecam mod not working anymore?


Gd that model was perfect.


ultra rare hitman C47 glitch, the inverse faced 47 :smiley:


Come back another day my friend.