The Hitman screenshot thread


Still better love story than ‘Twilight’…


Some screenshots from the ET…I am a TOTAL dork so I wrote up some commentary which is not very clever but I’m bored and had fun with it :smiley_cat:

Helmut: So…did I hear you correctly earlier, calling me fat and washed up?
Walter: Uhhhh…

Helmut: I thought we were friends
Walter: Aww Helmut, I was just kidding! Let’s hold hands and show the crowd our friendship is legit!
Helmut: Sure, I’m not an angry guy. I can forgive. Meet me in the bathroom after this, I’ve got a little party favor for you…
Walter: (nervously) okay…

Walter: Hey Helmut, what have you got there?
Helmut: Oh just something that will blow your mind

Walter: Wait Helmut no!

Helmut: Don’t fuck with me


I was just playing a random contract. This was my first try and I’m way too amused at the time i got considering who’s the target lol


Guys, i used the camera hack for the last Hitman title but in these days after the elusive target 19 patch seems not working anymore. Someone can confirm this?


Yes, broken for me too


So we have to wait and hope for a new update. Thanks :slight_smile:



“I have found that whoever wields the sword decides who holds the pen.”


I came here to post the same screenshots! :smile:

‘I’m gonna make this pen dissappear’ ~ Joker


Hmm, they weren’t kidding when they said this game was full of choices.



20 spoilers


Ah, shit!!
I completely forgot :joy:
My bad, man! Haha

EDIT: spoiler Done!
Tad too late lol but done! :sweat_smile:


This ruined my whole playthrought and my life.

JK :smile:


It was too late for me :cry:



:confused: Lol


Also too late for me, but it’s kinda my own fault reading these threads before getting to play Landslide.


Well, at least now I know I can do that, I’m going to play tomorrow the new mission


Haha, yeah. Good luck with it man, I really think you’re gonna like it. Definitely the best bonus episode out of the 3, IMO.


He’s already dead for a whAle…