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Silverballer’s Tourism Guide

Today we are visiting beautiful Sapienza, during the colourful and extravagant ‘Sapienza Festivale de Paese’!

Sapienza is a must-visit for enthusiastic tourists, with beautiful coasts, scenery, and a lovely warm temperature all throughout the year!

But during the wonderful Festival de Paese, our visit has been made all the better with beautiful Italian singing!

And be sure to visit the wonderful church, with its classic Catholic interior and beautiful graveyard scenery!

But be careful of sharp exterior decorations! If you fall on one of those, you won’t get back up!

And if you’re in a fuss about corrupt politicians stealing your money: worry not! For our hometown lawyer Salvatore Braouvome is always on the case!

So please, come give Sapienza a visit: you may even catch the movie soon to be shot here, ‘The Icon’!


from today, Sapienza looks really great in the new mission

I would kill for a ingame DOF effect while walking around, just like in GTAV.


Imagine waking up to this guy looking at you like this 10 cm from your face


ah, I forgot to add this



:joy: Wonderful. Did not expect that


free cam working again?


yes and you can hide completely the HUD now


very nice :smiley:



I think this engineered assassin needs dental work.




“Please IOI give me my briefcase.”


One question, do you guys use the extreme injector tool for free cam? I use it but I don’t know how do you guys achieve the bluring. Is it a feature that I’m not aware of or do you guys shop it in?


Melee attack someone, pause time, now you can use the free cam with that DoF effect everywhere.


Huh, clever, gonna have to try it out, thanks!


Explosion effects in this game are a thing of beauty.


Ol’ poor Silvio knew.




“dis whatchu get fo disrespekting ma famile” (I can only do this much italian)


Man why you gotta shoot his dick for :skull::skull::skull: