The Hitman screenshot thread


It was sarcasm and you know it. Dont argue with me on it please. = )


“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall…”


“Do not fear the strong: fear the weak, for they have something to prove”

Just some screenshots I took while playing Sapienza on Pro today. Also some shots from the rage rampaged after I fail.


remember hbm )




that first pic, how do you get up there?


Trainer -> Beam here


if only NPC’s notices blood trails…


Did I interrupt him his pleasuring session? Oh I’m sorry.

BTW. Did the free cam tool stop working? It’s not working for me anymore. I “inject” it and none of the options seem to work.


Agent 47 trying to convince Jordan that his cake is indeed delicious ! :smile:


Looks like this time it’s gonna be a ‘Fiber Wire only’ run.


Hey look, it’s Joe_Clarence75 !


I was laying around with Kotti’s roulette tool today, and whipped up a nice combo in Hokkaido (if anyone is interested, here it is:

Start in the Garden
Kill Soders as Resort Security with an explosion
Kill Yamazaki as Surgeon with a large melee weapon
Exit via Helicopter

Anyway, here’s some screenshots from me killing Yuki with the machete:


Sooo… unless someone takes over for Otis_inf… the free camera tool is gone.


I can understand the frustration of fixing the tool again and again… Hope IO understand how useful and fun is having a photomode for a lot of people.


Well this was easy using Fiber Wire only.

But ‘Curtains Down’ was absolutely not designed for a Fiber Wire run…


Absolution on Xbox One

Still a looker.


xbox one? :kissing: you mean 360?


Nope, One. Backward compatibility since yesterday.


ah okay, cool, didnt knew that!


Finally. Never ever again with Fiber Wire.