The Hitman screenshot thread


Reminds me of Absolution where you were running from the hotel and a helicopter came and 47 had to hide.


Nice you just inspired me to pull out my Professional Edition Box Set and I am loading it up as I type. Will be fun to use the dual ballers again…


I so much wish this would come to PS4 too :frowning:


The guards will act hostile towards you if the see you holding a pair of scissors while dressed as the hospital’s director but apparently it’s perfectly fine to see the director talking with a “corpse” at the morgue and this “corpse” giving an all access card to the director.

“Advanced AI for a greater challenge in Pro mode!”


“Yo, what are you up to?”

“Nothing, just hanging around.”


Holy crap that scared FUCK OUT OF ME!!!:tired_face:


Could you imagine what it must’ve been for sleeping Beldingford? :tired_face:




‘Ahh, my good man, fetch us some of our best … ?’


“Very good, sir. Coming right up.” :smiling_imp:


“looks like a suicide to me”


This is cool and so original… like it…


How’s my selfie stick working out ?

My god what have I done to this man! I can’t look! This licence smells pretty good though.


I found out kinda late about the drowning method in “Traditions of Trade” of Contracts. I think it was 2 years after release or something like that.


Oh dear old contracts. It’s such a gem. The pillow kill is my favorite. Especially if you equip a gun before doing it.


Pillow kill is mvp for me as well, but I prefer suffocating.


Drowning is my favourite kill. Although I like the legacy one better, hope to see that animation in another mission.


So many good moments in that game.

Getting the lawyer high and shooting him with his own gun. Just :ok_hand: 10/10


I didn’t even know you can do that, I always suffocated him. It would be cool if Caruso could be killed like that too.