The Hitman screenshot thread


I didn’t even know you can do that, I always suffocated him. It would be cool if Caruso could be killed like that too.


Wow. This is the last time where we meet Mei Ling. Maybe we will see more of her in season 2 or 3 of HITMAN?


Is it just me or does the pillow kill in Contracts look way better than in 2016?


Maybe this should go into technical issues, but I figure you guys can give a quick answer. Has there been an update that fucks with using PrtScr for Hitman (2016) on the PC? I just tried taking screenshots and when I paste the screengrab in paint I just get the pause screen from the game instead of the point where i pressed PrtScr. If it goes beyond a quick and simpe answer I’ll create a technical issues thread instead.


ICA debriefing be like:

ICA: How well did the Delgado mission go, do you think?

47: It went fine.

ICA: Were you discrete?

47: I was like a ghost.

ICA: Were there any unnecessary deaths?

47: No, only the Delgados died.

ICA: Were you in control of yourself?

47: Some people annoyed me, but I have very good self-control and I ignored them.

The next morning:


It does look better, more detailed animation, and both of them - framing angle and shaky camera suggest at some kind of Psycho vibes, Caruso one was just meh.

Also, @Kent you’re not alone, I noticed that as well.


Exactly. In Contracts the smothering just looks way more intense, because of what you mentioned,


That’s it. The game is much too short. I still think the opera mission of Blood Money should have been the first mission of Contracts.

Maybe it has something to do with the general tone of the game. Contracts is dark and brutal. HITMAN is more bright and stylish. I guess that’s what they had in mind when they designed the animations.


Maybe you are right. But one way or the other, smothering someone with a pillow is not bright. It has something stylish though :smile:

However, when I played 2016 with some friends, and we were going to smother Silvio I literally cringed because of how unconvincing it looked :frowning:


After the remake it’s time for the original:


“Say Absolution again, one more goddamn time” :laughing:


Pulp Fiction Quote? :smiley:


yoooooooooooooooooooo i never knew that 47 could shoot belingford through the pillow. Damn, just checked it now :scream:


It was at this moment that @Quinn realized that he walked into a trap.



I think this guy is a vampire because his blood is not reflected in the mirror.


Elusive Target #? reward?

Anyway I would like to see another jungle mission in a future season. Of course following the level formula of HITMAN.

Finished “Gunrunner’s Paradise” so let’s head to “Plutonium runs loose”.


Plutonium runs loose is extremely hard. I reccomend a guide for the first bit.


So abeg where is the goddamn picture with the silverballer?! i gave you my card information almost a year ago! hallo?!


Oh yes I know. These damn guarded doors. Who in the hell thought that these doors were a good idea when they were developing the game? Luckily it’s not my first run but back in the day I needed a walkthrough to understand the system behind that.

Finished “Meet your Brother”:

Of course I had to kill Ort-Meyer using my double Ballers.