The Hitman screenshot thread


Oh, thought this was your first time. I only recently played it for the first time, and I had to use a guide for the first bit but once you’re past the first door it’s fairly easy to figure out for yourself.


Midget? I’m just using a widescreen patch for my 1920 x 1080 resolution.


40 likes! OMG I love u guys :slight_smile:


That’s because it’s awesome!


yes, we need definitly another Jungle Mission! i hoped that Thailand would have a Jungle Setting, unfortunatly we got a lame Hotel :frowning:
i also wpuld love to see Lee Hongs Jade Figurine again!


Yeaaaah … about that … thanks for the car btw. …


So the color correction that Sapienza uses for when you enter houses
makes Sapienza far more pleasant to look at both for picture quality and gameplay reasons, such as:

objects are much more easier to be distinguishable from each other in motion (note the pink guy) than
the one that’s being used for outside that makes everything blend together into a washed out clutter, the overdone bloom effect doesn’t help it either.


“The pink guy”


I can’t spell his name (I blame our schools!)


how does that work? Can you explain please.
Because I have a midget version of the game, the screen game is large. I tried to fix it from the ini files like how it works in Silent Assassin but then the aim just shakes and it bothers me


Oh god, the four last levels of that game have such a dark vibe, because of the atmosphere and music. I love it. Here’s to hoping that Season 2 will mix things up with some gritty nighttime missions. It really would compliment what we have by now very well.



With how Hitman’s feel is now, I doubt “gritty nighttime missions” will happen any time soon.


I think absolution was far more gritty than this one will ever be. Not to say that that is a bad thing. It fit the personal agenda narrative and I think the professional approach to Hitman 2016 is awesome. It provides far more options than a linear based narrative.



What gun is this one that they used to promote the game? Because I never seen it in the game after a year from release


I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be the ICA19.

And sorry, that gif won’t ever convince me that the game is going to head in the direction of being “gritty”.


i am baffled by the fact they canned the photographer serial killer concept. that was easily the best from the trailer

i think their physics engine is just completely trash and they couldnt get ppl to actually swim in pools without drowning


Why you surprised? We are in 2017 and they can’t make a fiber wire animation.


Or elevators, or briefcases, or plate carrying,… :disappointed: