The Hitman screenshot thread


yep yep and oh my god damn yes.

but theres info that they got mocap and hiring someone with experience with unreal physics engine. so yeah they’re definitely aware of the problem


Mr. Soders future looks heartbreaking :crystal_ball::broken_heart:


Just install the Widescreen patch. Extract the files into your Codename 47 directory and change the resolution in the file “H47.ini” to your resolution. That should fix your problem. :slight_smile:

In case someone didn’t see the “Shoot-through-pillow”-method yet:


Guy in the corner is like “please help, this bald asshole just impaled my hand on a candle”.


Just 2 more Hitman games to go. Now it’s time for Silent Assassin:

Sigh Almost forgot the slow sneaking animation. But apart from that: Sneaking up to your target, tightening the Fiber Wire …

… and strangling your Target is and will always be my favourite killing method. It was just a bit more tense in the old games.


Mei Ling has a chinese restaurant in Whitley Bay;

Much safer than working for Lee Hong or Masahiro Hayamoto i’d say :slight_smile:


I wish they kept the slow/dual sneaking system. Felt so much better, and I felt more sneaky.


:joy: classic!


Source on the physics stuff?


Mr Rieper has style.


I love how you have to identify the target by yourself. Linear mission but still a classic.

The classic “Hide behind the door”-tactic.

Just one mission away from our “beloved” Japan missions.


47 is impressed at Dino’s dance with Obara’s style:


lots of confused people in Paris today :slight_smile:


Home Game in Hokkaido!



47 likes :open_mouth:





Can you please tell me what software do you use to make the game on your resolution?


I’m playing it through Steam.

I have the disc version as well but that had an issue where the game would run at high speed. On the Steam version I’ve had no such problems.

I’m not running any extra software, you can change the resolution in the games settings.


Seems like someone opened a dojo in Hokkaido, there are Kendo people here!