The Hitman screenshot thread


Seems like someone opened a dojo in Hokkaido, there are Kendo people here!


Do you think Zaydan will suspect something?



I needed to improve it. the first version wasn’t educational enough :slight_smile:


Is it lethal melee or why does it say none target killed?


Nah, it’s not. The reason that’s showing is because some of the NPC’s I hit with the bat, I just did a quick neck snap and quickly picked the bat back up and continued. I guess I just happened to take a screenshot as non-target killed popped up lol It is kind of cool now that I look at it. Kind of misleading lmao but still…



Vomiting in these suits seems to be a semioptimal choice.


@Lockh33d She found a jod when her boss isn’t a madman…
I’m happy for her :wink:


What happened to the free camera shots? Doesn’t the mod work anymore?


I use it if you mean the mod by Otis_Inf. It just seems that the freeze/time manipulation doesn’t work anymore.



It was about this time that Agent 47 realised that he may have got on the wrong plane.

“Diane’s going to fucking kill me…” he muttered.


Totally agree, good for you Mei Ling…

Now if somebody could photoshop Shadow Client in one of the windows that would be funny :grinning:


Forgot these: from the warlord elusive target.

Showing Nne Obara her death

Then showing her son the same.


I wish her son was a target. Perhaps he could’ve been a Fritz Fuchs style target whose not actually a target but carries the only way of getting into the safe.


haha u did not give a fuck about SA at all. well played







“Oh my God, it’s a massacre…”

“Such gratuitous violence…”

“Why would anybody do this…?”



These memes are already outdated, but I have to admit that this one was pretty creative.