The Hitman screenshot thread


I can’t make out what that says. A 'lil help here? :grimacing:

And even with calling a meeting between siblings, he still forgets his pants.


Him and his sister have a… liberal relationship. She had just text him ‘send nudes’ and you interrupted his response.


"Okay man, okay!!..
I’m sorry I took your clothes, I’ll give them back. Just stop shooting at me, please!!"


Time to die, Mr Cross.


Someone should do that dressed as Morgan’s bodyguard.


Or as Santa. :joy:


Just in case you didn’t know…

For screenshots without UI and HUD elements:

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Go to “Options”.
  3. Select “Graphics”.
  4. Press the button to “Hide Menu”.
  5. Profit.


No country for the bald man?


Will this remove the text about blending in, climb and so on?


Dr. Pavel Frydel

Akane Akenawa

Time for BBQ


If you wanna see this run, check it out in the elusive target mission accomplished only thread.


You stuck them with the syringe, right?


Nope. I KO’d them downstairs near/in the morgue. Then dragged them there. If I used the syringe (and I’m guessing you mean the virus/infection syringe), that would have killed them instantly. I wanted them to burn alive. Lololol.


Then how did you get SA?


Because “complete the objectives” is not a requirement for silent assassin.


You don’t need to use the virus syringes. It’s optional. You don’t technically get the SA “rating”, but you do unlock the SA challenge as I show in the video run of this. And it does go towards your 5 SA winter suit count.

It’s basically a 4 star SA run. @GuLe got a 3 star SA run. The best worst score ever. Or is that the other way around? Lolololol.


I fucked up my run…i had the SA rank, but after i killed Akane i had to deal with a civilian and ended up snapping his neck by mistake. So i ended up snapping another neck out of anger for my mistake. Towards the end when i made my escape at the ski lift, i was still angry and shot the two guards in the head with an normal gun. It did not help on my anger, i was still angry for fucking up.


Damn!! I feel bad for you, dude. That sucks.



Don’t let them get in the way…
Not very professional :stuck_out_tongue:


It always shows “press p to show menu” though


Anybody happen to have good screenshots of each member of “The Gators” from Blood Money?

These are freaking terrible…
I’m without a PC currently, so can’t do it myself, or else I would…