The Hitman screenshot thread




“Happy Valentine’s Day baby!”

I love how shocked he is when he turns around. “Was? Wer sind sie?!”


At the moment i prefer his original face as it is much more consistent under different lighting conditions. And that he has a much more convincingly looking detailed face, the other one looks more like clay.

Would be a cool to have as an fan service unlockable.


I gotta disagree. I think the new face is much better.


We were not expecting them to suddenly change that much. We were all expecting just little more modified face, if you follow the discussion on “the look of Agent 47” thread.


Uhm yeah … I was just preparing my Fiber Wire when the cutscene started.

Again a killing method which I found years after the release of Contracts.


[quote=“iSsueS, post:1472, topic:145, full:true”]
Again a killing method which I found years after the release of Contracts.

[/quote]I found this one too recently. Actually a really good method to kill the guy. :smiley:


Gilded Cage

Y’know That Japan Level

A makeover using Александр SanchouS image


This is really cool. Didn’t know this was there BUT, what about adding another button or make the “show menu” prompt go away after a few seconds so we would have a clean screen? This is on ps4.


I was having a hard day today and decided to go on a rampage :smiley:

She´s in a bad mood

No wound but still nice facial animations

Looking surprised :smiley:

Very nice lightning :slight_smile:

I don´t know just looks kinda funny


‘Nicola, I feel faint’
‘What’s wrong sir?’
‘I have a sudden headache’
‘Oh, would you like me to get some aspirin?’
‘Catch me, Nicola’


where is the poison for this ?


Between 2 trash bins by the warehouse. I like that creative poisoning method. :smiley:


All in-game and no photoshop. I like to have HUDless screens and I generally play with pretty much everything off for that very reason.


When you go into graphics, press X. It’s an option on the bottom of your screen, not specifically in the options menu.


Ah I see. Thanks @D1NGdong!


Sorry guys, I can’t come up with anything good for my latest ‘tutorial’.
I think this one is not going to get released. For the time being : /




Y u do dis :frowning:


Because it doesn’t meet up to the minimum quality : (