The Hitman screenshot thread


Hi, this is the first time I post on this thread, please give me your feedback about these screenshots ;):


Awesome shots! Great work!


@Silverballer Thanks :wink:


Tobias’ Toilet Tours !

a professional always has to be on his guard: teaching Tzun the art of the swirly: skill: sometimes you just can’t hold it: exit toilet: “I dropped my wedding ring in there, can you fish it out for me darling?”




It’s been too long…



Communism sucks


In Russia, TV watches you.
In America, Microwave watches you.


This was the best holiday ever.


I just found this wallpaper online


Oh. It has the Hitman insignia. I really want that skin avaible. I know maybe it’s just too much complaining for a skin but it looks classy. Besides, all the other pistols that are custom have the Hitman insignia (Krueger 2-2 and Silverballer).


Awesome, I asked Travis for this one since it came out with the monthly release text on it to get it without and he actually replied to see what he could do but never got it. now you fould it, Thanks dude…


I found it by mistake searching for Hitman Contracts wallpapers. You’re welcome :smiley:



I’ve been collecting some screenshots while 47’s been on his travels. In the process of deleting a bunch of them, so thought I’d share a few of the better ones.


@Ed_ll3 pic #4 " Hmmm, that’s a nice neck massage!"


Where is that street performer pic? I don’t recall seeing that room with the octopus. Is that the bohemian’s room?


It’s the left-hand wall in the (locked) shop opposite the safe house.

Some of the maps are so detailed, it’s amazing what you can run by hundreds of times and not notice. That same shop has a big mosaic fish outside it, which I only properly ‘saw’ for the first time a few days ago.

e: This one :smile: