The Hitman screenshot thread


Ya it’s so easy to pass by so many spots in this game. I should do more exploring.

Thanks. And that was a cool spot and shot.


And just like that i found my new wallpaper! thank you @badeaguard




That’s how a falling accident actually looks like.


That’s the Italian Garda lake. I know because I have it in front of me every day
The town over there is called Malcesine di Garda. I can’t find a photo by night in the exact spot like this wallpaper. But I’m going to shot a photo one of these days.


47 = Dynamo


When you party just a bit too hard.








Quick & Dirty texture mod for tutorial video.


Neat! Can’t wait for the video, there are some texture mods I’d like to make.



A few more random shots, mostly of 47 looking moody, or violently attacking people (or both).


This moment when you know you have nothing more to do :cry:

No featured contract, no escalation, no elusive target, no challenge


Play random contracts and choose your favourites.


Ladies & Gentlemen…
Mr. Erich Soders…


guess who got out of map again?


The tie’s supposed to touch the belt 47, tsk tsk.


Requiem in Sapienza :sunglasses: