The Hitman screenshot thread


Requiem in Sapienza :sunglasses:


This has got to be one of the best accident screenshots ever. It’s the nut who is cutting up a hitman clone. But for some reason when I pressed the screenshot button, the tab name on hover from my browser phased in from behind the game window and the webpage was for another ahem… adult title. Now it looks like this guy is ready for that game. Fucking perfect.


not sitting on this one



Sending Rocco to the Observatory but he insists on taking a nap first on the kitchen roof. :joy:


What a lazy shit he is.





Before completion of the hit…

After completion of the hit…

I also wish that the “show menu” prompt would fade away after five seconds so I could take a HUD-free screenshot.


Burned Sean Rose and his face really showed his pain.


So your just hanging out after the hit?


Why is the sniper Black colored?


I sniped the target, so the guards came running up to investigate, and the npcs were detecting me from the cemetery so I was trying to hide ha.

It’s the sniper rifle you get from completing Colorado on Professional difficulty.


You just have to complete the mission? Or the challenges as well?


Sorry, I meant the challenges. Yeah, you have to get to level 10 mastery.It’s a pretty nice rifle, and it plays Ave Maria when you look down the scope.


Oh so this is the one. Thank you. I will try to make them in time.


Khan’s body in Motorcade Interception

More shots hit than shots fired :wink:

Strangling the khan in Motorcade Interception.

Have another dump of my screenshots.


Happy assassin :balloon::balloon::balloon:


Modern day ninja.



Hitman Silent Assassin alternative ending: