The Hitman screenshot thread


So in this alternate ending, 47 travels to the future using his time traveling rosary to kill Father Francesco so that Father Vittorio is the only remaining and greatest Father who ever Fathered? That’s a pretty amazing (albeit unexpected) ending to a game that seemed so grounded in reality.


47 sends his regards.


Hey guys, I did a little rampaging in Sapienza as Jingles. Here are a some highlights, along with corny commentary, some of it lines from the game. This is really dorky guys I realize. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But, I love running around town as him so hope you enjoy!

“Don’t make fun of my shoes, bitch!”
“Not in the…”

“Ouch, Ouch! And no one to catch me as I fall” :frowning:

“I brought my own knife. I want to be a butcher today.”

“Are you saying I cannot live my dream of being a butcher for the day? Surely we can work this out”

“I will not be stopped from pursuing my dreams by you!”

Excuse me sir, I don’t think you should do that!"

“Hey guys can I axe you a question? How’s my hair?”

“Oh, so you charge just for a consultation? And you said my bells are stupid?! YOU WILL DIE TODAY”

“Now, what to do with you?”

“Maybe we could split the cost of a consultation next time”

“Once again, when I axe you how my hair looks, don’t try and be funny.”

“Hey nice shirt. You look like you party, where’s the beach at?”

“Oh, you too, making fun of my bells. And you said I smell like hot garbage? Alrighty then, I tried to be nice”

“Warning to ya’ll: don’t fuck with Jingles”


The levels in HITMAN 2016 are so beautiful. I have a screenshot of Mount Asahi-Dake as my desktop wallpaper, but I couldn’t resist doing it from this angle:


Reminds me of “At The Gates” from Hitman 2. :wink:


Went on a bit of a screenshot rampage today. Sorry to anyone who I’m friends with on Xbox Live. Lol.

I couldn’t have timed this one better

ICA 19 F/A makes some awesome shots


@Silverballer It’s fine, I post stuff all the time about HITMAN. Mostly contract suttf, but hey.

@hitwoman47 I love the pictures and the captions!


Heh, that’s my avatar.


Pretty cool one I’ll give it that :wink:


Yeah it’s clearly Soders, Diana. gg.



My current wallpaper. One of my favorite suits, then one of my favorite ways of death.


If only that autosave wasn’t there. :,(


Daddy cool is here
20 charac


“Oh god your feet STINK! :weary:




How did he ended up there? I manage to make Silent Assassin by subduing and hiding some guards near the dresser room and then trow a coin to make the target go in to a corner.


Most likely by using a mixtape to lure him up onto the second floor balcony from the party.


It’s from a dry run of my push accident kill on this et. Used the phone to lure him up. I also used this method to get dr Pavel down into the morgue so I could double incinerate the Surgeons et.

You can watch each run in their respective et threads of you like.