The Hitman screenshot thread


So 47 took some fun trips in my stream yesterday.

(World of Tomorrow) “Looks like someone’s been playing too much Assassin’s Creed! This is not a cosplay event, please step back sir, you need to leave.”

(Landslide) Dammit, not again! Get down from there, the ropes might not hold you!

(Landslide) Alright, this is getting silly with the Assassin’s Creed stuff.

(Landslide) Stealth.

(Club 27) Yeah, could someone help me up, please?

(The Icon) The view here is nice even during the night!

(The Icon) Finally some quiet away from the film set.

(The Icon) I can’t even get out of my house. If only something were to happen to the main actor…

(The Icon) No, 47, suicide is not the only option!

(The Icon) I can’t do science with this much noise!

(The Icon) It gets lonely at the beach at night…

(A House Built on Sand) The view is not great, but at least I am far away from the hustle-bustle of the market.

(A House Built on Sand) Night shifts are brutal at the consulate, I wish I were out there… Actually no, there’s air conditioning in here.


How do you get to these places?!


And how did you get the Lab disguise when the lab is closed?


The lab is actually empty, and there are no NPCs, no disguises, and almost no objects you can pick up in the lower town, mansion and lab area; however, the dead scientist in the morgue is still there and you can take his disguise.

@Silverballer There are two known tricks to get out of bounds rather consistently; the one I used here has been there for a long time, and involves subduing.


urgh, now I have to do some research…


its amazing to see the level details even if you are not suppose to visit the restricted areas. :smiley:


It’s dangerous to let me into the threads like these. I do too much screenshots for my own good. Hope you’ll enjoy this little collection.

60’s Spy Thriller

Duality of the Clone

Tools of Trade

Sunset in Bangkok with a pinch of Karma death

Bushido Butler

Sakura Gardens in Gamma

Hokkaido Space Program

Jordan was a naughty boy this year

What if Hitman 2016 had a First Person Mode?

Sapienza Sunset

The most traditional assassination for the corrupt politician

Hi, my name is Tobias and I’m the Militia Elite. Looking for a single hacker girl…

Sneaky Sunset Sniper

Life and Death through the Bottle

Once you go full weeaboo they all want an interview

Huzzah, the grumpiness has been doubled!

You’ve reached the end. I guess that’s some kind of a feat


The Santa pic got me hard! :joy:

EDIT: this doesn’t sound right. Santa dont judge on me!


I’m not judging, I’m admiring. Santa is a naughty boy too, ho-ho-ho.


“I’ll never let go, Francesca… I’ll never let go…”


Fucking GOLD!
20 characters


Lmao yeah, I like that one myself! :joy:
I was just screwing around Sapienza for a while and it just came to me lol


I let go…


you guys upload way too many at a time


Still haven’t gotten over that.



“I am the one who needles!”


The more guards you take out, the more he finds other routes. :upside_down_face:


One more


Hell yeah, dude… that scene would make even 47 cry :disappointed_relieved:

Not to go off topic, but I heard they are making a Lion King 2… don’t know if it’s actually true though…


They did…

in 1998.