The Hitman screenshot thread


47 pissed and ready!!!


HITMAN: Absolution (2012)

HITMAN: Absolution Prequel (1990)

HITMAN: Absolution Sequel (2040)


Nothing says going full psycho better than Agent 48’s quirky smile, making sure that every victim sees your handsome mug before they die. I would love this feature too as well as the option to play as Agent 17 just for cosmetic role play. :+1:


How on earth did you get the veteran to a secluded area?


Caveman 47 in his natural habitat ready to strike at his opponent.


Coin bump n’ drop trick likely.


Hahaha LOTS of distractions, luring and subduing… took a while though! He was a PITA. :laughing:


There’s actually another way without doing any distractions whatsoever. :wink:


Fire alarm? Emetic syringe? I know if you bump into his wife enough you can separate them far from each other as well.

There is a few ways but I was just experimenting all the options. Patrick Morgan was an even bigger pain lol he was definitely the longest one.


I’m thinking emetic syringe, fire alarm doesn’t get him anywhere.


Nope. Emetic will have him go to the closest bin.

C’mon. If you know this game, you should know how to move an npc in different ways, eh? Think. I know you’ll get it. :slight_smile:


I’m totally stumped. I’m trying to lure him up to carrington’s room with a mixtape.


Well yeah man, but the Veteran is extremely limited so as it is. Of course any NPC can be moved if you really want them to (coins :wink:)

but it is possible to get the Veteran by himself when he uses his phone to call Patrick… other than that option…? Achieving SA W/ fiberwire WITHOUT distractions or bumping into anyone or luring…? You’re gonna have to enlighten me then lol


Yes, but not what I’m talking about. So not coins. Or an audio distraction. :grin:
I’ll make a video probably tomorrow.


I look forward to seeing that.

Just to be clear, we are talking;
The Veteran, SA/SO Fiberwire kill. NO distractions of any kind, to either the target or wife (coins, bump into NPC, luring, explosions, etc.) right?

And not taking him out when he’s on the phone with Patrick?

Not saying it’s not possible, but like I said, I look forward to seeing that then.

Because imo the Veteran seemed rather bland, where you basically had to manipulate the AI in order to pull off some kind of techniques.


Well you do have to do “something”. He’s not going to go somewhere by himself. Just not do something one could consider “cheap” like bumping and coin drop luring, or using an audio distraction over and over again, or tossing any kind of item over and over again.

You’re forgetting another way to move an npc. :blush:


You’re a tease :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I think he may be referring to the alarm :wink:


Nope!! Haha.



:joy:I know you can move him to bar by taking out his wife but that would ruin SA unless you can remove her without killing?


Nope!! Don’t have to touch his wife.