The Hitman screenshot thread


lol I guess so! I’m probably gonna have such a “duh” moment when I see the video :joy:

And ok, I was under the impression that you meant one of those things because that is possible… as for what you mean… I look forward to the video :smile:

Rat poison…
Dropping a weapon maybe?


I think someone already suggested emetic, and I should have scrolled up further cus I noticed you already said alarm. I should have figured you would have tried that, weapon is a possibility if he sees it before anyone else he would move toward guard but they’re all over the front area so I doubt getting him to a secluded area would help there.


Did you try gassing the lobby when he’s in there? Maybe you can drag him to manager office and Garrotte him when he awakes


Excuse me? Can you speak a lil louder plz? I didn’t hear you quite clear.



@OldSchool47 no I didn’t try that with the Veteran yet. Brilliant idea btw!


You won’t get SA cuz bodies will be found almost immediately. Or does bodies found with the gas not count against? I don’t remember.


You mean like this? :astonished:


Idk what I’m looking at, I was thinking maybe it would be possible to gas the room and maybe have enuff time to drag the vet to the office nearby and then get him when he wakes up. Haven’t done the gas in awhile so I couldn’t say if bodies will be found. U would know more than me :+1:


That’s the food critic ET. I did the gas on him. But bodies found occurs quite quickly. Even if you did manage to drag him out to another room, they don’t wake up on their own. They have to be woken up, thus losing SA.


Good to know. Whereabouts did u lure the vet with the weapon placement?


I didn’t “lure” him, per-say. You have to force him by this method.


Well his cooking always tasted like ass


That’s not what I meant by “use gas to cook”!


Munga streams almost every day on twitch :wink:


Another way to lure NPCs is to wear a disguise they can look through and stand far away in their fov. (or hold an illegal weapon) They become slowly suspicious and just before they get triggered, step away so they investigate the place where they have seen you.
But there are atleast some NPCs who will not investigate, not sure. This way in Club 27 Pro I got one of the party members at the other side of the room away from the cake because he always seen me poisoning it.


The best mouse pad on the market. :ok_hand: @Hardware


Wow that’s really cool ! :wink:


Yup, that’s another way. I did that to the Guru ET to get him out of the office and into the stairwell where I already set about 15 coins to go all the way upstairs so I could dump his ass off the top of the clock tower. That way he can see what time it was when he got killed as he fly past the giant clock. Hahahha.



The sauna is good, but not enough. 47 decided to check out the springs

Done with it, he checked out the view

Pretty nice. Probably smart to get a jacket before venturing further though


Ummm… it does not work like that. The only way NPCs will investigate the area before spotting you is when they see you trespassing. Wearing an outfit and having enforcer look at you will not make him go to your location. It will just stop looking and carry on. You must be trespassing in order for this method to work.