The Hitman screenshot thread


Gary Lunn "The Enforcer"
Machete kill, from the top of the ‘Sapienza Ruins’


Shout outs to ΛLPHΛ-NΣOn-NOIR


How 'bout ur boob size?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:





Found this under the map in “The Icon”.


Looks like he’s enjoying something. : p


Just enjoying a lovely vacation.


Guess which town’s population will drop to zero in a blink of an eye?

Still not everyone in it, but about a quarter or third already I guess. nobody’s dead. Yet. :imp:


Here’s some Sarajevo Six pics. Body bags is also from it as I had to take these guys out. Nobody stands in my way. :alien:


What is this guy so happy about haha?


You can pretty much catch any NPC smiling in H:BM if you screen cap it at just the right moment.


Maybe it’s just the handlebar facial hair that makes it so hilarious for me.



This is bullshit.


What? That they spot you quite quick? What I learned in the sniper challenge in that exact map and spot on professional is that you have to fire quick and drop your rifle. Then once you spot again another target, grab it quick and kill fast. Drop again the rifle. Or else you are going to be spotted


The problem was as soon as I sniped someone, they all come running and just stand there at the water tower and the status would be “searching.” It stayed like that forever unless I restarted. I even made a video showing what happened and I posed this in the bug thread as well. A whole year later and this bug still exists.


Try to drop the sniper an wait for a while. It worked for me. Then once everyone is in their position you can start to snipe again.
I eliminated first Parvati and Shon, then I droped the sniper, waited for everyone to return in their position and then sniped the scientist first while he was going to the shelter or coming back (I don’t remember) and then the last target.


I eventually got the challenge to unlock. I just restarted and the glitch didnt happen.


One sees a light-flash through their scope (apparently from their rifles) which indicated being spotted. It really is ridiculous fast.