The Hitman screenshot thread


Don’t really think so. I study how they spot me and every time it was a soldier under me on top of the roof. None sees me from far away.


Is it correct that the free cam tool doesn’t work anymore?


Works for me (v1.0.9)


Will look into it. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Ip Man 4


That poor kid. Must be missing his girlfriend.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Hahahahaha. That was great, dude. Great job. I felt immersed into your story.


Haha, the best one so far.


These are amazing, Mr Trump.


Goddamn artist, what is he up to now?


Had this happen on stream last night when trading the shotgun for a fire axe, pretty cool I think:



Fun fact : This was made with the intent of being a hiding closet / body container. A light sign “occupied” next to the door would turn red when the player would hide at least one body in it. It was quite fun, hehe. (It also explains the strange glass surfaces on each sides inside the toilet room, there needed to be something there that dead bodies could rest against, to fit the animation used when hiding a body in a closet)


So did you guys originally plan to let us operate outside of Palais de Walewska?


I don’t know if I can go into details, but yes: during production, (in every games) every level go through different stages, were sometimes bigger or smaller, and then are either expanded or made smaller, this can be for level design reasons, production time, or performances. It’s a tricky balance to find :slight_smile: . You need to experiment a bit before finding what works and what can be done within your constraints. It was considered at some point, but had to be changed, for several reasons.


That’s genius ahahah, I hope they show up like that in Season 2


Dance till you drop.:smiling_imp:


:laughing:Oh boii.


nacked_redhead_on_public_toilet.avi :smiling_imp: