The Hitman screenshot thread


So Anonymous created this contract with ID 0-03-6897043-97; you can favourite and report it, and it’s not marked as featured.

See any difference from this one, for example? Kappa


It’s supposed to be featured I think but I think there’s been a bug at IOI’s end.

Have a taste of your own medicine, IOI!


Portman: Oh, harder!:smiling_imp:



hi man

god i missed this old laptop…


No one must copy my role model Helmut Kruger…



Don’t shoot the fruit.

You can unlock the tube if you finish the Training level with SA(using cheats)

The objective to kill D’Alvade is completed and yet he is standing there in the background.

First person animations are amazing in Contracts

My third dump so far.


I killed the guy with a remote explosive and he landed like this.

“Come sit right here next to me.”


I blew Penelope Graves’ HEAD OFF with the shotgun!!! :dizzy_face:


Wait…How is that possible?

Edit:oh it seems her head glitched through the ground lol


Hahaha It’s not! :smile:
Just got “stuck” in the ground from shooting


My phone background


That is Silvio Caruso.”

Thx Diana.


That face tho. Could be my 47 Day-pic for next year.

@Vinnie_Sinistra I doubt that guy is dead. :thinking:


This pic would be even more great with shoes hanging from the wires.





Well, another “cliffhanger” where we will forever be wondering…

Too many questions left unanswered throughout this franchise…