The Hitman screenshot thread



It seems that Hitman’s 47-th chromosome finally kicked in in the middle of the mission

On a serious note, can anyone explain why 47 walks with the mouth a bit open? When he does that he looks like he has some incurable medical conditions.


I have the feeling it is an animation error because it doesn’t go away once it happened.


Am I interrupting something, fellas?


Am I the only that when plays H2 it feels like 47 is older than in any other game?
Aesthetically speaking


Check my Claus
also, what is going on with these candles?


In case you wanna travel to Marocco this summer. :call_me_hand:


the new changes are cool, especially for new players cuz the level design just guides the player :smiley:


Got some more.



A disappointing meeting (no speech options).


I hoped for something at this point too :frowning: Well we cant have everything in Sapienza.


Give us RPG speech options IO!



No thanks…no rpg elements…i don’t want that shit to taint HITMAN.


Yea, deciding to kill the target in your suit or as a plumber is enough roleplay.


  1. I need to use the bathroom.
  2. I need to use the bathroom.
  3. I need to use the bathroom.
  4. I need to use the bathroom.


Oh, yes!
I pointed this out months ago. I forget which thread it was, but I totally agree that this was a missed opportunity.

Of course, it would take a while for Lafayette to enter the mansion to escort him to the room as the butler, but still…
it would have been a nice touch.


I think the reason why it isnt in is simply it’s so much work to get the butler’s disguise that very few people will actually try this.
In my opinion that is a good reason to do it. It would be like a reward for those who put the effort in, and it could be used as an example of how deep the interactivity goes.


By adding another layer of social stealth? If you say so.