The Loadout Competition


Hi guys, here’s a competition that I created. It consists in playing a mission with a chosen loadout.
The rules are:
-The Highest score wins
-You have to use every item u bring to the mission at least once.
-The winner posts the next loadout.
-Each one is available for 4 days.
-U can choose whick agency pickup u use.

Here’s the first one:

Good Luck :wink:


So we have to do “The World Of Tomorrow” SA with this load out? Interesting. Might give it a go when I’m back home


U don’t have to do it SA, u have to do whatever happens as long as u don’t restart :wink:


@Bending_Cheese67 Do you have to make practical use of the items you bring? Say I use the sedative poison on the priest, just to use it, does that count?


Nope, you have to use them for something that actually helps the mission’s progress


Using the Sedative for an actually useful purpose?! That might as well be the challenge all by itself!


The problem I see with this is what is the time frame? Because I assume you can’t wait for infinity for someone to get the actual highest score, you have to have some kind of time limit to get it in else you can never choose a winner, or not until at least every single person on the forum has played it and notified us.


@Aegis_Chrome 20 characters


Oh, well, I look a bit silly. Apologies, should’ve fully read the briefing.


Eh, my run went so poorly that I don’t feel like posting it. Let’s just say that I didn’t win lol


Did it. I used the gun to shoot the virus and dropped it after. After deleting the edvidence, I ran up to the mansion, grabbed the VHS tapes and played the tapes. I hid in Francesca’s room, and after SC dismissed his guards, I lured the blue guard into the room, knocked him out and hid the body. After subduing the Chef, I called Silvio to lunch, poisoning his other guard’s drink with the sedative. I threw a kitchen knife into his skull and that was the end of the Genuis.

After dragging him and his bodyguard into the nearby crate, I snuck up to Silvio’s office, where Fran eventually showed up. I stabbed her with a letter opener and hid the body. I ran out of the mansion to the car, bursting the staff door open with the Bonaparte. The whole thing took about 30 minutes.


New loadout:

A Glided Cage

Starting Location: Undercover in Consulate.

Gun: ICA F/A.

Slot 1: Proximity Duck.

Slot 2: Modern Emetic Syringe.


I just added to the OP that u can choose the agency pickup u use and i removed the no restarts rule


Aw, that was sort of the main draw to me.


U can still do it no restarts :smiley:



My submission, didn’t beat ed’s time but I’m pleased with it.


Ok, Ed, you won this round. What’s the next loadout?


Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

Next Loadout:


Here’s the first submission; I hope I understood the rules correctly?!

Loadout Competition #3 - Colorado (6:06)