The Loadout Competition


I think it’s start from the correct location and use each item including firearm at least once (plus any smuggled item of your choice).

Just watched and it looks fine to me.


Good to know. As I’ve not done any of these before I wasn’t sure if I had to perform a kill with each of the loadout items or just make some non-trivial use. I didn’t use the pistol to kill a target, but I did use it to shoot out a fuse box and a couple of legshot/knockout combos. I didn’t think I had to perform a kill because otherwise it would make a map where there are only two targets impossible if you have to use all three items: pistol and two loadout slots.

Did I have to use the loadout items to perform a kill or just make some use of it?
What is non-trivial use of items? For example, could I have used a shuriken to act as a distraction?
If it is okay to use as a distraction then must it be use for a purpose or could I just throw it near some random NPC even though there was no need to distract them at all?


U have to use them for something that helps ur progtress into the mission like: KOing a important guard, opening a door, killing a target etc.


Does using the shuriken as a throwing distraction count?


If the distractions progresses u into the mission, then yes :wink:


I know you want to keep the rules simple, but maybe the person that chooses the loadout could optionally make it a requirement that certain items in the loadout must or must not be used to perform a kill. For example, @Ed_ll3 might have said, “BC cannot be used directly/indirectly for a kill” and “Shuriken/Silverballer must be used for a kill”. As long as not too many restrictions are added, it might make it more interesting/challenging. Maybe even specify something like you are allowed to make no disguise changes or no KOs, and if they are not for a contract requirement then it could be to earn, say, an extra 20000 points. Or just keep it simple. Just some ideas I thought I’d throw out there.


Thanks for the idea, but I wanna minimize the restrictions because I want people to do something creative with those items, and that would minimize the options.
PS: I just did my run of the newest Loadout and I think u guys willl like my Graves kill :wink:


Colorado (5:05):

I believe I’m currently winning :smiley:
omg, I did 5:05 and @Euler13 did 6:06


Nicely done!

Interestingly, I’ve never been able to get away with taking out that guard by the window. I’ve seen other people, like Mr Freeze, doing it on PS4, but unless I’m the unluckiest player on the planet then I always get spotted (on Xbox) by the two goons by the junk furniture near the house. It goes into instant Combat as soon as I subdue him. Also, I don’t know if it was just behaving funny on the day, but I had to do my run three times because when I found that when I exited at the Tornado shelter before Diana says, “He is no longer our primary concern,” then I lost my No Noticed Kills bonus. You seemed to just go through as soon as the exit appeared and preserved all your bonuses. I exited quickly the first time and I thought I must have messed up one of my kills. I couldn’t see why, but I did my run again and the same thing happened. So the third time I paused at the exit before going through. It seemed to work. Strange?!?

And, yes, you were right. That Graves kill was brilliant! :clap:



The ending wound up being improvised, so it’s pretty silly. I did everything, and forgot that I didn’t have a way into the basement. Worked out well enough.


It would be faster if you remember Ezra Berg has the basement key (and you pass his corspe three times).


Oh my god. Ugh, I’m dumb.


@justnobody bringing the 'pane. :smiling_imp:

@Euler13 - I like the idea of extra restrictions, though keeping it open does mean more accessible. I was kind of hoping some brave soldier might go for 3 shuriken kills, but with Colorado the way it is that may be a step too far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for trying it though fellas. Great seeing all the different approaches.


A suggestion: make it so that the person choosing the loadout has the option restrict the agency pickup, but still leave one other slot open. That way we can bring large items into the mix, while still having room to select one item ourselves.


That was awesome!!!

And I loved the exit. Just as you’re scanning, there’s a guy running down and you have a KO’d guard laying there. Lol.

Ps, if there is any map that you should NOT turn off the music on…ITS COLORADO. LEAVE DAT SHIT ON!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s a right pain for us on Xbox because NPC movements continue when we enter the bunker; we would get a Body Found message and lose the bonus. Last night I was doing a suit only 4 x shuriken kill and I killed Ezra, my final target, in the basement, but I didn’t put his body in the crate. I should have remembered it does this! I exited with no one even in the basement, but as I was going through the front board and the desk (to trigger the exit) I got a Body Found.


I believe that’s the way it should work. As you’re not technically out of the map, the NPCs are still active and if you leave a body on the ground while you’re in the bunker, it should count against you. I’ll test it out on ps4 and see if it is maybe he just got lucky and the enemy just didn’t face the KO’d NPC or it’s actually programmed that when you get in the bunker, that’s when those penalties end.


I’m guessing that he stopped for a second to talk on his radio, which is why I avoided body found.


I think u won :wink: U have to post the new loadout today right??


It’s only been three days, if nobody’s won by the end of the day I’ll post it tomorrow.